October 16, 2017


When you aren't quite feeling on top form and you fear you're losing your mojo for whatever reason, it's always good to remind yourself of the things that make you happy and beam from ear to ear! 

On a personal note, moving from the UK to Singapore which is 15 hours away has really tested my happiness levels as of late, but now things have become easier it's good to recognise those things that never fail to make me smile! So here's a few things that make me happy...can you relate to them?

1. Flowers! 

You may wonder why this post is scattered with images of a bold and beautiful bouquet of happiness-inducing sunflowers! That is because the wonderful team at A Better Florist very kindly sent me The Ayla Bouquet which you can find here and they certainly perked me up the day I received them! 

Sunflowers have got to be the happiest flowers out there and when they we're delivered with a cute striped ribbon, a gift card which said 'you just got bloomed' and a shabby chic canvas bag, I felt very spoilt indeed! Buying flowers on a regular basis is something I've done for a while now as it really has that homely feel-good factor so I'll definitely be ordering from A Better Florist again soon, whether I'm treating a friend or myself!

2. Exercise 

When I initially moved over to Singapore I was working for a fitness company, so that was a great distraction from feeling homesick from time to time and enabled me to keep fit and healthy! I'm one of those (annoying) people that finds my energy from nowhere and I've always loved working out, although it takes some forcing to workout when it's so humid here! I've got back into my running recently which I'm loving again and I've also started Hot Yoga, so I definitely think shaking up my exercise regime has helped to put a spring in my step and made me a happier person to be around!

3. Meeting New People 

As daunting as it may sometimes seem, I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know people from different countries, working in different industries as well as people of different age groups. Moving away is always going to knock your confidence as you can no longer see your best friends as you would on a regular basis, but it's a happy feeling when you make time to have a coffee with someone or spark up some conversation and find you really connect with someone. I'm definitely guilty of it, but I hate spending so much time on my laptop and phone so it's nice to make the time and effort to speak to people face-to-face! 

4. Seeing more of the world 

I've been lucky enough to do a little more travelling recently and that I am truly happy about and grateful for too! It's easy to commit yourself to work, work, work all the time but if you can find the time, it's healthy to have a change of scenery and do some exploring. I generally think having a break every once in a while (if possible) allows me to reset and helps to make me a happier person to be around, which is a blessing for my nearest and dearest! My fiancé and I have also spent some quality time together, ticking a few things off our bucket list but there's many more adventures to be had yet!

5. Health 

When I think about what I'm most happy about, health is always something I take for granted and forget. You can read some truly awful things sometimes or hear some bad news from a friend and it really is worth remembering that life is short, so you should always choose happiness in all that you do! Sometimes my head will rule over what my heart is really telling me to do but the biggest life lesson I've learned recently (sorry to sound preachy!), is that you can worry a million times over but happiness will always rule and things always figure themselves out in the end! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and let me know if you can relate to any of the things that make me happy? 
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