July 20, 2017


Before I moved to Singapore I promised myself I would write all about my travel experiences but to tell you the truth, I've been having such a good time and working like a trooper which has meant limited time for blogging!

However, I was lucky enough to have a few days off recently so myself and the fiancé treated ourselves to a spa day in Batam, Indonesia, and it was so nice and relaxing. If you're ever in Singapore, hopefully you'll get chance to visit this spa resort as it's an amazing place!

Tempat Senang Spa Resort was recommended to us and we had such a good day there. Batam in Indonesia is only 45 minutes away by Ferry so if you're based in Singapore it's super easy to get to and the ferry only cost around $50 each. The spa day itself consisted of six treatments and lunch (yes you heard that right, six treatments!) for $189 and it was absolute bliss.

Here's a no makeup selfie (of me anyway) before we went on our merry way....

The resort itself is a short car ride from the ferry port in Batam but as the package includes a transfer to and from the ferry it's absolutely no hassle at all. Once we arrived in Batam, we were whisked off with a few people also heading to the spa and the day started with a lovely cup of tea and an explanation of all the treatments you could choose from. 

I went for the following treatments: 
  • Foot Reflexology
This was absolute heaven and both me and Ruairidh fell asleep and felt like we'd been napping for hours - so relaxing!
  • Green Tea & Silk Bio Cellulose Mask (Hydrating/Stressed Skin)
Facials are usually a tricky one for me as I have quite oily skin so I always worry about the products used but my skin felt lovely and looked so fresh the next day!
  • Cleopatra Hair & Scalp Mask (Collagen/Strengthening)
In Singapore, there seems to be something in the water which makes hair fall out easier than it does in the UK (strange I know) and this mask seemed to really help that, my hair felt much thicker and stronger after this treatment.
  • Coconut Body Scrub (Adds moisture to dry skin)
This was lovely and my whole body felt super smooth, but perhaps next time I would go for a more gentle exfoliating scrub for sensitive skin as this was a little too harsh for my skin. It did smell amazing though and I love Bounty chocolate way too much to let a coconut scrub pass me by!
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (This is a relaxing, flowing massage using the forearms in a wave-like motion to soothe large surface areas of muscles - Excellent for those who prefer a gentle massage.)
Amazing! The end. 
  • Aromatherapy (Full body massage)
Again amazing, I could not fault either massage. Although I'm not sure I'd have my stomach massaged again as it releases all the toxins out of your body and made me need a wee constantly which is a good and a bad thing - sorry for the detail but this is an honest review!

The package also includes a lovely Indonesian lunch too and I'll be honest, after a chocolate brownie dessert and all that massage, we we're very sleepy and relaxed by the time we got home!

The view from the ferry on the way back to Singapore!
The spa setting itself was so beautiful and peaceful...
The boy looking all relaxed...
Feeling refreshed and makeup free on the way back...
I could not recommend this spa experience highly enough! If you're planning a holiday to Singapore or you're looking for somewhere to take visitors or friends, Tempat Senang Spa Resort is well worth a stopover and you'll even get to see some amazing views along the way! 

If you can recommend any other spa resorts in Asia that I need to try, pop them in the comments below!
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