May 20, 2017


When you've moved around about five or six times in the past few years, making a house feel like a home seems to get a little easier every time. In the UK I've lived in Preston, Chester, London and Northampton before moving to a completely different country a million miles away, to Singapore. 

After viewing only a few condo's (high rise apartments) in Singapore, we both fell in love with a super modern apartment that was completely brand new. The kitchen, the bathrooms...everything.  However, after a few 'minor disagreements', the fiancé started to question if it was going to be the right place for us as we had originally wanted a place with some character.  With some gentle persuasion, I said goodbye to my dream modern apartment and we came to view a place in Tiong Bahru and I'm so glad we did! It has all the character we wanted (and more) and even though it's still a work in progress (we don't even have a kettle yet for goodness sake!), with a few finishing touches it's already beginning to feel like home. 

So here's a few bits and pieces we've picked up from Ikea and Homesense. Hopefully this little tour isn't boring for you and you can gain some interiors inspiration if you're setting up home and looking for some colourful new additions. 

Everything in the above photo is from Ikea again! I love the colourful pastels they have in at the moment. They are perfect for lifting white furniture! 

 The three little birds postcard pictures are from Ikea and the shelf below currently has cards and photos of our nearest and dearest! 

We are very lucky that we love the original tiled flooring and also a glass chandelier or two as they were already in when we arrived. Our last favourite home in Northampton had colourful glass chandeliers too so when we viewed this place it seemed to be a bit of a sign that it was the right choice for us!

The dining sets and mats are from Ikea but the coasters were a lovely gift to us!

 I couldn't resist these silly monkey cups from Ikea, so tropical! Love them...

The coffee table was also in when we arrived so we've added some coffee table books (always an essential), candles and a silver tray also from Ikea!

Ruairidh (the fiancé) is planning to cover a wall with records so we're collecting a few as we go along!

The very green view from our new home! Our place lets so much light in which is another key feature.

 I was so happy when I stumbled across Singapore Elle Magazine as that's one thing I really miss from the UK, the amazing choice of magazines we have! This colourful throw is from Homesense and we've got two for our sofa at the moment. They are so soft and really add a pop of colour as our sofa is dark grey and would be a little gloomy without them. We still need some cushions though!

 Here's the original tiles in our bathroom. I'm such a lover of prints so I was over the moon to see these colourful tiles.

 Finally, here's the pretty chandelier that was already installed in our bedroom which I love! I would have taken pictures of the wardrobe but that's for another post completely...

Hopefully this has given you some kind of interiors inspiration but it is still very much a work in progress so hopefully we'll have more furniture and a kettle(!) when I do the next progress post! Thank goodness for Ikea and Homesense with their super reasonable yet stylish homeware goods.
Thanks for reading and comment below with any amazing home finds/brands I may have missed!
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May 15, 2017


Without realising I spend hours of my day scrolling through Instagram feeds and often feel like I'm wasting precious time. But to contradict myself completely, I do love the way that a browsing session can quickly lead me to a new fashion brand, that statement piece my wardrobe 'needs' or I'll spot some amazing style inspiration that will give me some fresh ideas so who can blame me for my Insta obsession?

I do think social media creates a constant shopping wishlist in my head, but to say I've discovered these fabulous brands through that whole process, I can forgive Instagram just this once! 

So here's a few brands that are well and truly on the top of my Instagram wishlist:

Rae Feather 

Have you even seen more gorgeous personalised basket bags in your life? Featuring fun pom poms or monogrammed detailing, these bags have totally stolen my heart and I'm hoping to snap one up soon! As I'm living in Singapore now, these bags are super practical but will add a fun edge to any outfit. The brand also has some stunning homeware pieces as well as other beach accessories so make sure you take a peek at their website over at

I mean who doesn't love a colourful pom pom and their initials printed on their bag? 

Beach bag game = strong!

Base Athletica 

As silly as it sounds, nothing motivates me more to go for a run or head to the gym than some new active wear. If you feel great and you're looking good whilst breaking a sweat, I feel I'll be even more determined to get a few more of the dreaded burpees over with! (Let's be honest, we need all the encouragement we can get when burpees are involved!)

Base Athletica is a brand I've only discovered in Singapore as it's pretty popular out here and from what I can see, the prints are amazing, the quality looks great and best of all the tops are padded and the leggings are high-waisted, giving the most flattering look all round. I'm going to be trying a few pieces at the end of the month so look out for a post on their gym wear soon! They also specialise in swimwear and styles for yoga too so here's the website if you fancy a browse >

Lilly And Lionel 

If you're a lover of prints Lily and Lionel is where it's at. Named after Creative Director Alice Stone's grandparents, this luxury British brand has beautiful floral blouses, instantly chic summer dresses and so much more. Each and every piece is so effortless and looks like it could be worn with a pair of pumps one day and killer heels and a leather jacket the next. I'm completely sold with this fun yet easy to wear collection. 

Take a look at the Lily and Lionel Collection here >

What are your biggest Instagram fashion discoveries? 

Comment below and fill me in on your finds! 
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April 20, 2017

Sunshine Brights & Moving to Singapore!

I've been a little silent on my blog again, where does the time go!? 

If you follow me on Instagram here you may have seen that myself and my fiancé Rory have taken a leap of faith and moved to Singapore! Now that we're here I can't wait to update you on life in Asia and our exciting travels but in the meantime I thought I'd share a bright and bold outfit post. 

I bought this sunshine yellow Zara dress as an impulse buy but I can't tell you how much I love it. It instantly makes me feel happy so when we had a party to say goodbye to close family and friends this was the only dress I wanted to wear and I felt great in it. The dress is also available in many different colours such as black and pink so if yellow isn't your thing you'll hopefully have some other options too. I love the flared sleeves and the way it still shows my shape despite being a loosely fitted shift dress. The fabric is really flattering too and doesn't show any lumps and bumps as some cheaper styles do and for £29.99 you can't go wrong! 

I teamed this dress with some black strappy heels from Asos (got them a while back but I'm sure they'll have something similar) and a gold statement necklace from Oliver Bonas. 

Let me know what you think of the happiest dress in my wardrobe to date?

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March 27, 2017

Review: Rosie for Autograph Summer Rose Eau de Parfum

Nothing says spring like a fresh new fragrance and this rose gold bottle of joy by British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is no exception! If you haven't tried any products from the Rosie for Autograph beauty collection the Summer Rose fragrance is a pretty sweet place to start. 

Fragrance can be a very personal thing but if sweet, airy scents filled with fruity blossom notes and hints of blackcurrant and pear suit you, you may want to give this fragrance a try. With delicate jasmine, lily of the valley, sandalwood, moss and musk this fragrance is well-balanced, has good staying power and is perfect for everyday. 

With other high-end beauty brands now charging the earth for a 30ml bottle, this fragrance is a little more reasonable at just £14 for 30ml and won't leave you feeling guilty if you don't always choose to wear it.
I particularly love the rose gold finish and floral detailing printed onto the bottle which makes it a lovely gift option for a loved one or even yourself. At just £14 it's not too expensive to pop into your handbag or desk drawer for a little pick-me-up!

There's smaller and larger versions available but this 30ml size is just right if you're looking for a fragrance that doesn't just need to be saved for special occasions.

If you'd like to give this fragrance a try, you can find it on the Marks & Spencer website here

Have you tried any beauty products from the Rosie for Autograph collection? Let me know if you have in the comments below...
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March 11, 2017


You only need to look in any high-street store at the moment to see that the volume of the average sleeve has been well and truly turned up a notch to reveal ridiculously pretty frilled sleeves, cuffs, shoulder ruffles and plenty of feminine touches. If you love your floral prints too, this Zara Midi Dress will be right up your street. I invested in this dress when the weather was still pretty freezing (hence the reason for the black tights) but as the sun makes an appearance I'll be whipping my tights off and wearing this dress with just boots or sandals, hooray! 

I've already worn this dress for a few special occasions such as a christening as well as Afternoon Tea (because dressing up for Afternoon Tea is a must) and it's already a firm favourite in my wardrobe. The shape of the dress isn't all that flattering but as I loved the print so much I added a vintage waist belt to accentuate the waist as my body shape is quite 'straight up and down' so it's nice to create the illusion of curves by making the waist look smaller. 

The boots are also by Zara and they are so, so comfy - you can find them here. The only thing I don't like about them is there seems to be a plastic layer to cover the sole which is now peeling off day by day so if anyone has had the same problem with these boots, comment below! That's a minor fault that I think is down to the bargain price tag of £29.99 but otherwise they are perfect. I'm just confused as to why Zara seem to do this with some of their footwear but maybe it's just me!?

Here's the beautiful print in all it's floral glory....

Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comments below,
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February 28, 2017


Today I'd like to introduce a beautiful, luxury British handbag brand, Jardine of London.

Handcrafted in Britain, Jardine of London offers luxury handbags but without the overt use of branding which is so refreshing compared to other offerings from designer brands. 

If you love a classic and timeless handbag made from high-quality materials, you will love this collection. Using goat-skin from a British tannery, the collection boasts beautifully soft and flexible styles ranging from £450 to £695. Due to the quality of the materials used, these styles will only get better with age so the cost-per-wear element makes these bags worth every penny. 

The perfect addition to any workwear wardrobe or even a cool addition to you're look for cocktails with the girls, each bag is incredibly well-made, hard-wearing and edged with elegant gold and silver detailing, making them even more wearable and versatile. 

Here are a few of my favourite styles, although I have to say I love them all!
You can take a look at the Jardine of London website here

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below,
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January 21, 2017


I was lucky enough to be given Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream as a gift recently so if you've been thinking about splurging on this coveted SPF15 formula by one of the leading make up artists in the world, this review will be a good place to start.

I'll start by saying that I would *never* usually spend this amount of money on a skincare product as £70 is super steep but it did feel like a real luxury to be given such a high-end product that I wouldn't usually buy myself. 

Let's start with the packaging. As with all of Charlotte Tilbury's products, they have a glamorous look and feel, usually finished with rose gold. This 50ml product comes in a clear faceted jar and has a rose gold lid. I don't dislike the packaging as it's perfect for sitting pretty on any dressing table but what I do object to is the amount of plastic around the actual moisturiser, it feels like £70 is an awful lot for a fairly small amount of product.
The actual moisturiser itself is lovely. I use this product very sparingly and tend to use it at the weekend as opposed to when I'm working everyday throughout the week as I want this product to last as long as possible! A small amount on the end of my finger goes a long way to cover the whole face and neck area and it does leave skin feeling soft and moisturised. The cream also has a slightly pearlescent finish to give skin a pretty glow and paired with Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation this moisturiser acts as the perfect foundation primer. 

The Rosehip oil used in the ingredients does have a lasting scent once the cream is applied but this doesn't bother me, I like the scent as it's fresh and delicate. However, if you're not fan of 'fragranced' moisturisers and prefer to have a more neutrally scented moisturiser this may not be the right product for you.

This product has earned a huge reputation for it's anti-aging properties but I'm not entirely sure I've seen the benefits of this as yet, but hopefully I will over time as I probably haven't been using the product often enough or long enough to see a huge difference straight away.

As I would suggest with any beauty product, it is worth picking up a sample at your local Charlotte Tilbury counter and trying it for yourself before you invest. I do thoroughly enjoy using this product and I would definitely consider buying this product again, but the hefty price tag will always weigh on my mind when I'm comparing this to other moisturisers out there. Overall though, it's a real luxury treat and my face looks brighter and happier for it so I'll enjoy it for as long as I can!

What do you think about Charlotte's Magic Cream?

Thanks for reading,
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January 03, 2017


Without realising, I've had a pretty huge break from my personal blog. It wasn't intentional as I really do love my blog but I've simply had a jam-packed year launching a new business as a Personal Stylist and generally having lots of fun but with a fresh new year, it seems right to start again. 

I've probably mentioned this before, but I'm not a fan of New Year's resolutions. I either don't stick to them at all (for example, telling myself I'm going to give up chocolate which is a blatant lie - I can't go a day without) or I make loads of resolutions, stick to them for one week and then find them in a notebook tucked in the bottom of a drawer a year later. So this year I'd like to share the positive lessons I've learned in 2016. Hopefully you can relate to them in some way and I hope they'll help you to see the positives from the year you've just had. After all, there's been a lot of doom and gloom in the world over the past year so I'm sticking with the 'Good Vibes Only' rule for 2017!

So here we go....

Lesson Number 1: Explore your surroundings

I moved to Northampton around 2 years ago now and for the first year or so it seemed to take ages to settle in to a new area. In Summer, my parents came to visit and instead of going shopping or for lunch somewhere we ventured out to the Althorp Estate, the place where the late Princess Diana is buried. On a bright Summer's day, the grounds looked absolutely beautiful and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. There was something so peaceful and tranquil about the amazing house and grounds and at times her tragic death felt really raw and emotional. After wandering round the grounds I spotted the quote below and I think this is a quality we should all aim to adopt more often, helping others more vulnerable than ourselves. 

The visit to the Estate was really eye-opening and what I'm really trying to say is put down that laptop or phone, enjoy the countryside around you and spend more time with your family as it really is an amazing thing, I just wish I could do more of it!

Lesson Number 2: Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

The past year has had it's ups and downs on the career front but I'm actually really glad I'm out of the other side! After having to leave my dream fashion job due to a very expensive and time consuming commute, I decided to try something different (not where my passions truly lie) and it really wasn't the job I had hoped it would be. The people were so lovely but the job was the complete opposite of what I'd imagined I'd be doing, which was a role in fashion and something creative. After several nightmare months of crying and wondering where on earth my life was heading, I decided to take a risk and quit my job, leave the salary behind and head back to the drawing board. 

This was an incredibly nerve wracking thing to do but I'm pleased to say that job I didn't necessarily like gave me the kick up the bum I needed to start a Personal Styling business called and I've never been happier. Seeing my Clients faces light up when I'm with them and seeing their confidence grow is incredible and it's exactly what I want to be doing. My website is still a work in progress and I've also had to juggle this alongside freelance contracts whilst I constantly develop my business but I will get there. So if you're job isn't making you happy, take a leap of faith as you never know where it may take you. I always seem confident on the surface but I have my moments where I doubt myself, but if you keep telling yourself you can do great things, they will happen!

Lesson Number 3: Travel More!

When my boyfriend Rory suggested we go to the French Alps for an 'adventure holiday' as opposed to a beach holiday, my face was probably a complete picture! I couldn't understand why I'd enjoy walking and generally being active when holidays are supposed to be relaxing. But on this occasion, I have to say I was very wrong as I loved every minute! The Mountain biking was a little scary and hurtling down a mountain with shin pads that were falling down due to overused velcro combined with a pair of Levi hot pants that were a little too small did make me have a minor meltdown, but all in all it was the holiday of a lifetime. 

Rory is always the one to challenge me and push my boundaries and I'm thankful for that as otherwise my life would probably be very boring indeed! I'd definitely consider an adventure holiday again so this may be something you'd enjoy too.Just look at those mountains!

Lesson 4: Surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even if you don't see it yourself!

I count myself as being very lucky as I have an incredible set of friends. Some I see regularly, some I don't have the opportunity to see as often but this year I decided to only spend time with those friends who truly care about me and have my best interests at heart. My uni friends have always been incredibly supportive and this year more than ever, I've really valued their friendship and we confide in each other about everything.

I think you reach a certain age (27 to be precise!) when you know who your true friends are and I'm pleased to say by not wasting time with people who can be bitter and hurtful (harsh but true) I've spent more time on nurturing those important friendships that matter the most - it's just taken me years to figure this out! 

I went to Barcelona with friends this year, spent the afternoon on a London bus having Afternoon Tea with my lovely friend Rach and got to see my ex work colleague and friend Gemma get married which was a super special day! Friendships like this are the ones that count and I'm so glad I've chosen my friendships wisely. 

Lesson 5: Eat what you want and enjoy it! 

I've enjoyed more calories than I care to take note of this year and I feel so much better for it so there's no January detox heading my way. Yes, I'll probably eat more greens and do more exercise but I'll still be enjoying my food and more treats like the below! Life is too short so you might as well eat cake...and churros!

Thanks for reading this post and let me know what you've learned in 2016 in the comments below!
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