December 08, 2016


Like so many other people who are bitten by the wanderlust bug, I love winter holidays. Usually, winter weather in the UK means grey skies and a barrage of rain, so if you want that traditional winter wonderland experience at this time of year, you have to travel for it. The question you always end up asking yourself though is, what should you pack? If you’re planning on taking yourself away to a quaint European capital, or retreating to a log cabin on snowy slopes, then hopefully this blog post should give you some pointers on how to stay on-trend whilst abroad.

1. Faux fur

This should be a winter fashion staple no matter where you are. The wind may be bitterly cold, but if you invest in a good quality oversized fur coat, you’ll always stay warm and toasty no matter what the elements throw your way. Layering up is  always a good idea, so when packing, you should try to include a few key pieces that you can adapt into several different outfits.

Gillets with fur lapels are a great addition, giving you that classic wintery look, but allowing you to add colour with a blouse underneath. For evening wear, shop around some of the fur-lined capes and luxurious soft scarfs that are in most high street stores, as the fur will lock in far more warmth than cotton or wool.

2. Boho-inspired jewellery

During the winter months, fashion is all about combining style with maximum comfort, but how can you achieve that? I always opt for more of a bohemian style; bold aztec patterned ponchos, over-sized leather bags with tassels, and chunky-knit cardigans gathered at the waist with a leather belt.

Then all you need to do to complete the look is by adding some stunning handmade jewellery from ChloBo, who have collections such as Gypsy Dreamer and Luna Soul that perfectly complement this style. From long necklaces that you can layer up, to charm bracelets where you can select the gemstones and charms that mean something to you, this is a simple but easy-to-achieve look that’s perfect for the winter months.

3. New boots

Another question you’ll probably be asking yourself as you stand in front of your suitcase is: what footwear should I take with me? All that knitwear and boho clothing takes up a lot of room, so opt for a high-quality leather boot, preferably knee-high so that you can wear tights, but without feeling too cold – wear these to the airport and free up some space.

Chestnut browns and distressed blacks or greys are always a trusted choice, but if you want something a little different, why not try an olive green or ox-blood red? Investing in a good pair of boots that go with several outfits means you won’t have to take many other pairs with you, plus they’ll be perfect for exploring foreign cities all day.

Which fashion essentials do you always take with you on winter getaways? Don’t forget to leave a comment below!
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