December 31, 2015


If asked, I'm pretty sure most women out there would hold their hands up and admit to having at least one embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Let's face it, these kind of 'experiences' can completely ruin a night. From wearing a dress which is simply too tight and rips at the seam every time you dance or move an inch to when I've hobbled around the dance floor like Bambi on ice because the pair of heels I'm wearing are super painful. Yes, we've all been there!

Whilst these pretty awful wardrobe dilemmas help us to learn from our mistakes (and ensure we never wear THAT pair of shoes again!), I still think we need a helping hand when it comes to making any party look stylish and truly comfortable

So here are some going out essentials from Perfection Secrets that you'll definitely need to invest in during the party season and beyond... 

Gel Cushions > Shop Here

Save your soles with these genius stick on gel cushions which can be placed on the soles of your shoes to make the ball of the foot feel super comfy when you've been dancing all night long. They make such difference and could easily be removed and transferred to any shoes you decide to wear for day or night.

Heel Shields > Shop Now

To prevent painful rubbing to the heels and to stop your shoes from slipping around, simply stick these gel shields onto the back of heels, flats or sandals. They are non-slip and will stay firmly in place so your favourite (but most painful) shoes don't have to be kept in their box!
Shoe Fillers > Shop Here

Particularly useful if you prefer to wear pointed court shoes, these flexible sponge shoe fillers will protect the toes and act as a soft cushion which cannot be seen. They're also great for adjusting the fit of your shoes by half a size which is helpful if you buy shoes which are slightly too big. If only I'd known about them sooner!
For more simple yet effective fashion solutions check out the Perfection Secrets website here as there are plenty more products to fix any wardrobe dilemma! 

For an exclusive 20% OFF everything use code STYLE20 which is valid on all products until the end of January 2016. 

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and thank you for reading as always!
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