July 24, 2015


When a press release about a new hands free shopping service called Dropit launching on Regent Street in London popped into my inbox I felt like all my shopping dreams had come true in that one second! For the shoppers amongst you who would rather have the in-store experience and try on in a fitting room, touch the fabrics and check out the new collections on the High Street in person as opposed to shopping online at the click of a button, then this service is genius! Basically, the revolutionary shopping service offers same-day delivery from the store to your door so you can forget about the restrictions or burdens of your shopping bags and keep on going!

There's no way I would rather go on a shopping spree, carry a load of shopping bags around with me until they are breaking my arms off, finally get the bags to my car and then end up wanting to cry when the said bags are making imprints in my hands! No thanks, I'd much rather use a service like Dropit so I can use my hands to carry on shopping, go for a cocktail, eat some food and meet my friends (who are also seriously addicted to shopping ) without worrying about where to put my bags. 

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So here's how the Dropit service works... 

Helping you to plan your shopping route, you firstly need to sign up to the Dropit App to see which of your favourite shops offer the service. Once you're all spent up on Regent Street at the stores affiliated with the app you can either leave your shopping at that store or at one of the other Dropit points along Regent Street. 

Once your profile is set up via the app, you fill in your personal details (where you want your shopping to be delivered) and purchase Dropit credits where you can choose to purchase a single drop (handy if you fancy a drink with a friend and would rather go hands free ) or you can opt for a day pass or three-day pass. Your bags will then be delivered to your home, hotel or office at a time convenient for you which could be the same day or another evening tailored to you and Voila! Hassle free shopping at its best! 

There's also no need to worry that your bags won't arrive as there's tracking information available whilst the service also rewards you for being a savvy shopper by sending you special offers to suit your style. Now all I need is a reason to go shopping....!

Let me know what you think of this service in the comments below! 
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