March 04, 2014


I've had a couple of requests for tutorials on how to clean make up brushes and I've finally got round to creating my step-by-step guide on how to get make up brushes looking sparkling and squeaky clean.
I haven't always been good at cleaning my products and beauty tools, but after various internships in the beauty industry it soon became apparent that keeping on top of this is a must if you know what's good for your skin. Along the way, I managed to pick up some top tips from beauty experts, editors and make up artists and I now swear by my brush cleaning ritual.

Deciding on how many times to clean your brushes is a personal thing. I try to give mine a thorough clean once a week but this doesn't always happen. I like to think that a week is long enough for bacteria and other nasties to settle and I can't imagine leaving my foundation brush any longer!

So here's what I do:

- I gather my brushes together and split them into eyes/face/brows etc.

- I then run a sink full of warm water and keep a towel and bottle of shampoo beside it (in this instance, I've used a Wella shampoo)

- One brush at a time, I apply shampoo to the bristles of each brush and massage it in gently whilst the brushes are dry. If you're trying to clean a foundation/concealer brush I would take extra time to do this step.

- I then place the brushes in the water individually and you will begin to see the water fill with colour- that's the frightening part as you don't realise how dirty they actually are! 

- If I'm cleaning brushes that haven't been done for a while, I will repeat the deep-cleanse with shampoo and throw all my brushes in together for one final soak!

 - Once you're happy with the cleanliness of your brushes, line them up on a towel and leave them somewhere light and airy to dry overnight. I've popped mine by the window and voila, they were ready to be used the next day.


- There are a number of make up brush cleaners available by brands such as MAC but I haven't tried any as I have found shampoo to work really effectively. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to try a gentle baby shampoo to ensure that no skin irritation occurs.

If you have any questions, comments or your own top tips I would love to hear them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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