December 31, 2013


With New Year upon us, I thought I would focus my attention on the year ahead and share a different kind of blog post.

I'm always a little bit sceptical about New Year's resolutions as mine tend to be quite unrealistic (e.g buy less clothes!) meaning I don't stick to them, so this year I've decided on five simple resolutions that I will do my very best to keep.

1. Blog more often
Working full-time, exercising, seeing friends and travelling to see my boyfriend can often reduce the time I have to blog so this year I am hoping to be more organised with my blogging and create a schedule of topics with strict deadlines (yes I am going to take this very seriously!).

I think having a blogging schedule will make it easier to plan posts, helping me to post more regularly as opposed to being haphazard and thinking of an idea, taking the photos and drafting the post all in the same day.

2. Be healthy and train for the London Marathon
If you read my previous post, you'll have seen that I got some lovely running trainers for Christmas as I'm about to start my training for the London Marathon which takes place in April 2014. It's the first time I'll have run the marathon so it's a big challenge for me but I'm excited to raise as much money as possible for Children with Cancer UK. You can take a look at my fundraising page here.

With a strict training regime in place (organised by my Dad) this will mean no naughty snacks at work or alcohol for four whole months!? That's surely worth a £1 donation :)

3. Travel more 
In 2013 I didn't get much time to travel as I re-located from London back home to the North West and changed jobs so this year I would love to make more time to travel and see some new places.

I'm 25 in October 2014 (which is a sad thought!) so I'm hoping to go to New York with my boyfriend to celebrate and shop shop shop, although he will probably hate that part of the trip!

I'd also like to go to Croatia, Amsterdam and Paris, so not much to ask really?

4. Make time to read and spend less time online
As an English Literature graduate I'm ashamed to say I hardly ever find the time to read. I like to keep myself busy and by the time I go to bed I'm too zonked to even pick up a good book, but this needs to change.

I've decided I need to spend less time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram especially, and dedicate more time to some good old-fashioned reading. Not on a Kindle either, a real book!

And finally...

I really love this quote by Vivienne Westwood. On a weekly basis, I buy clothes and beauty products that are soon tossed aside, sent to a charity shop or listed on eBay and I've decided I need to think more carefully when I'm making a purchase. In the new year I'm going to ask myself these three questions:

a. Do I really need it?
b. Can I make do with something I already own?
c. Is it going to stand the test of time/Will I need to buy another item of clothing to wear with it?

In 2014 I need to ask myself these questions to ensure that everything I purchase is a good investment, and I'm hoping that this will keep my bank balance healthy.

Finally, Happy New Year to all my followers, thank you for your support and I hope you have a great night however you choose to celebrate!

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  1. They are quite literally all of my New Year's Resolutions too! Follow me and I'll follow you back :)


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