November 21, 2013


What I'm wearing:

Coat - Marks & Spencer 
Boots - Marks & Spencer
Jeans - Topshop
Jumper - H&M
Fur stole - Zara
Lipstick - MAC in Rebel

This is the kind of look I've been wearing a lot lately. Although I love the winter season, I can't bare being cold so I have to heavily invest in knitwear and clothing so I can layer up.

However, I do find this weather to be a great excuse to wear my all-time favourite colour, black, and throw on a fur stole  from time to time. I really do love the luxury and super cosy feeling you get when wearing fur but maybe that's just me?

The faux fur stole I'm wearing above is by Zara and I'm planning to throw it on over literally everything as a fur collar. 

When I purchased my frayed back jumper from H&M I wasn't so sure about it as my family started to poke fun about the back and ask me when I would finally finish my knitting project, so not funny! But now I'm over the joke and completely love it.

Finally, my boots are another new purchase and are a replacement for my beloved Topshop Ambush boots (RIP). These boots are another M&S purchase of mine lately and I can't believe how much lovely stuff they have in store at the moment, especially the talked about pink coat which is sold out again.

I also decided to shake up my makeup look up with this MAC lipstick in Rebel which is a plum/purple shade that I can only wear when I'm feeling daring as it's a bold statement compared to my more natural shades of choice.

What do you think of my latest look?

 Share your latest outfit post links below, I'd love to have a read!

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November 18, 2013


Decided to kick off this weeks blogging with a manicure Monday post as I recently treated myself to a Bio Sculpture gel manicure.

I've had shellac gel manicures in the past but now I've ventured into the more expensive territory I don't think I'll ever look back.

The shade I currently have on my nails in no.24 in fine wine, which is a dark and sultry red. With December fast approaching, I was feeling pretty festive and it's a while since I've had a classic red manicure. I really don't think you can beat the colour red!

The Bio Sculpture manicure is slightly thicker on the nails than shellac and is more chip resistant and much better for your nails. I'm already a couple of days in and with not a single chip, I think I'm going to be addicted.

I'm also really pleased with the high-shine finish as they are still looking neat and glossy. The beautician also recommended applying a top coat after a week if the shine starts to fade, so that's another way to keep them looking shiny for longer! 

I will have to report back in a week or so..

If you would like to look at the Bio Sculpture colour chart take a look here.

Have you tried Bio Sculpture before?

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November 12, 2013


Loved by Mollie for Oasis - My Wishlist

On a recent visit to Chester, one of my all-time favourite cities, I popped into an Oasis store and spotted some of the Loved By Mollie collection, a collaboration with Mollie King from the Saturday's.

After browsing through the collection's in store magazine I can honestly say that I left wanting everything!

All of the pieces are classic and versatile which are often the two factors I look for when buying clothes as I hate it when trends date too quickly.

After recently joining Polyvore, an online site that can be used to create wishlists and collages, I decided to showcase my favourite pieces from the collection in the form of a lovely wishlist! It took a lot of thought to reduce the collection down to six pieces for this wishlist, believe me!

Out of all the items featured above, I particularly love the tailored red car coat and pretty lace black dress as they are the perfect outfit combination for Christmas day.The leather pencil skirt is also a great timeless piece that could be worn with everything from loose t-shirts to feminine blouses.

You can shop the full Loved By Mollie collection here.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

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November 10, 2013


Last weekend was a very naughty shopping weekend and somehow I managed to bring home three new pairs of boots, yes three! I'd say I'm more of a winter fashion person as I love wearing boots, coats, fur and plenty of sequins and embellishment. Each year I always end up investing in new winter wear, but boots of the ankle variety are usually my biggest obsession.

I've been looking for the perfect pair of Chelsea boots for a while and couldn't help but snap up this oxblood pair from good old Marks & Spencer, believe it or not!

I love the slightly pointed toe and the super high shine finish and I can't wait to team them with dresses and possibly a tartan skirt and polo neck jumper.

Just to point out too, they don't look all that comfy but on their first outing they were an absolute dream to wear so I'm very tempted to buy a back up pair before they sell like hot cakes!

Are you a fan of Chelsea boots?

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November 08, 2013


After moving house recently, I seem to have discovered a new found love for all things interiors including wallpaper, lighting and now storage...

Having a new bedroom to decorate is pretty exciting and my mum kindly decided to treat me to this lovely floral storage unit, which is perfect for housing all beauty essentials.

The structure is really simple and it has four pull-out baskets all lined with a beautiful floral print. I'm already planning on using the drawers to organise my products into different categories such as skincare, hair, body and makeup and I can't wait to get all organised.

I'm also thinking about stacking my Muji acrylic storage boxes along with a couple of pretty candles on top.

This storage unit is from Dunelm Mill and you can find it here. I will definitely post about my new room once everything is complete, but it's a long way to go yet!

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November 06, 2013


After lusting over the BaByliss New Big Hair heated brush for so long, I finally decided to make it mine. 

The blustery winter weather has definitely taken it's toll on my flat and lifeless hair so this electrical styling tool has been the perfect investment, helping to give my hair a much-needed volume boost.

My usual hair routine consists of drying my hair with a hairdryer and smoothing any fly away ends with my GHD straighteners. But I soon realised that straighteners aren't really the right kind of styling tool for me as my hair is already pretty straight naturally.

Using the BaByliss New Big Hair has meant that I no longer have to use a round hairbrush and a hairdryer for a salon 'blow dry' effect as the brush handles both of those in one swift action.

At first the brush does take time to get used to and I would say there is a technique to master. As you can see from my first attempt (above), the brush has defined my layers, helping to give my hair more shape and volume.

I'm sure I could create even more lift now I have been using the styling tool for the past few days.

 From my experience, the easiest way to use this electrical styling to is to:

- Wash the hair and leave it semi-dry/damp. The styling tool won't work too well if the hair is too wet but it does need to be fairly damp.

- Section the hair into various layers with large clips and leave the top section of the hair until the end to get more volume on top.

- If you're hair is thick you may need to part the hair into finer sections to ensure each strand of hair becomes dry.

- Start by turning the brush on and select a suitable heat setting - there are two settings to choose from.

-Placing the large brush head underneath the hair at the roots, pull the brush in a downward motion and then use the buttons at either side to create a flick or extra volume at the ends. I was really impressed that the buttons allow you to curl the hair right under and then quickly release it.

- For extra volume at the roots, hold the styler there for a few extra seconds and it should lift your hair.

- Repeat on each section of hair until you achieve a voluminous effect and secure with a touch of hairspray. 
So, what do I really love about the styling tool?

The BaByliss New Big Hair is a great way to save money on salon visits as you can achieve the same amount of volume from the comfort of your own home, so it's great to have one of these to hand before a night out!

It weighs roughly the same as a set of straighteners or a hairdryer so the styler would make a great travel companion for on-the-go big hair.

Finally, at £45 this styling tool is a great price as it doubles up as a hairdryer and styling tool in one, which also means that it takes up less storage space.
My verdict:

This hair tool has been a complete life saver as I've been using it in the morning before work to give my hair a professional salon finish. When really it's only taken 5-10 minutes!

 I can also enjoy making my hair look more volumised without the help of dry shampoo and plenty of rigorous back combing!

From reading plenty of beauty blogs, I know that this styling tool has been hugely popular. I'm also loving the new BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl so I think that's likely to be next on my wishlist.

Have you tried the BaByliss New Big Hair before?

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