October 21, 2013


Fitness is not a topic that I usually blog about, but since I recently joined a gym I thought I would introduce my New Balance trainers, a purchase that has transformed my whole gym experience. 

With the cold, wintery nights setting in, who wants to go and work out when a night of catching up on Downton is much more appealing? As tempting as a night in sounds, I've found that purchasing new gym clothing or footwear that feels stylish and comfortable can really work wonders. With my pink neon laces, I feel much more inclined to wrap up, bear the cold and head to the gym - even if I do occasionally take a detour to buy a chocolate bar on the way home!

My grey and pink running trainers are named New Balance 1850 and they have been a complete dream to wear. They are super comfortable, the style is fun and I love the strong colour clash. I did try on numerous pairs by other sports brands but no other style compared in terms of comfort and wearability. 

I've decided that my trainers are for the gym only and I won't be wearing them to exercise outdoors, I've saved my old pair for that. However, I have been getting some good mileage out of them in the gym by attending spinning classes, (trying to pick up) weights and other cardio activities such as rowing or running on a treadmill. 

So, if you're feeling tired of exercise and in need of some new motivation, treat yourself to some new gym attire as I'm convinced that wearing the right clothing has helped me to feel more confident, encouraging me to head to the gym when what I really want is a hot chocolate sat on the sofa!

These trainers have been the best £50 I've spent in a long time...

What do you enjoy wearing to keep fit?

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