September 24, 2013


What I'm wearing:

Kimono - Primark
Shirt - Coco Boo
Necklace - Next
Jeans - Topshop
Bag & Shoes - Zara

Another day, another kimono!

The weather was quite good this weekend so I decided to wear light layers and my new paisley kimono which I snapped up in Primark. I've seen quite a few kimono's at around the £60 mark so I thought £15 was pretty reasonable for such a gorgeous print!

I decided to team my paisley kimono with my new white shirt from Coco Boo. I really like the oversized shape of this shirt and I plan to wear it under lots of jumpers during the winter. I've been looking for a white shirt for ages but many look too tailored and formal so I like the relaxed fit of this shirt. Coco Boo have an online boutique on Asos Marketplace so if you want to check them out, take a look here.

Everything else is a staple item that I've worn before apart from my bargain Next necklace from their summer sale. It conveniently matched my kimono so for once, I wasn't buying something that will just gather dust in the back of my wardrobe.

I'm learning!

How do you wear your kimono? Comment below with your blog links as I'd love to see your kimono-inspired posts!

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September 17, 2013


Image c/o Marks & Spencer
For the last few days I've been completely hooked on everything to do with London Fashion Week. I've perused many street style blogs, taken a look at numerous dreamy catwalk shows online and debated packing a bag so I can escape to London to catch a glimpse of all the fun goings on.

Whilst obsessing over everything from the behind-the-scenes snaps to the beyond gorgeous designer garments, I couldn't help but notice that the new season is all about the PINK coat. Yes that's a pastel pink, sweet, sugary, coat of delightfulness. Not black..not!

Let's just say, the beautiful M&S coat pictured above has already sold out online, highlighting that if you're a lover of this coat trend you need to snap one up fast.

At a first glance, I did think 'how versatile is a pink coat going to be?' and 'what will I wear it with?'. But after some thought, I'm convinced it's going to be a fun and wearable choice.

Well, first of all, it makes a nice change to go for a colour that isn't dull and wintery. A  sensible black, navy or burgundy coat is usually my first port of call when it starts to get cold outside, but this year I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and going for the pink option all the way.

It's also refreshing to see that the new season style is oversized, making it an easy throw on option for winter. Even more of a reason to love the pretty pink hues...

Take a look at some of the styles from the catwalks:

Topshop Unique c/o
Simone Rocha
Will you be buying into the pastel pink coat trend this season?

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September 07, 2013


Investing in premium skincare isn't something I do very often as I'm usually more interested in buying makeup, but this habit of mine isn't proving to be hugely beneficial for my skin.

So this payday, I decided to have a ban from buying cosmetics as I really do have enough products to stock a shop (something my mum regularly reminds me about) and popped to my local Debenhams beauty hall for some inspiration.

Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser- here

This exfoliating cleanser wasn't a completely new skincare buy as I have tried it before and I think the only reason I avoided buying it a second time was due to the £20 price tag. Usually  I would say that's quite expensive for an exfoliating cleanser but as this product suits my skin I do tend to buy it every once in a while.

My favourite thing about this cleanser is the refreshing sensation you get when using it to wash your face in the morning and at night. The small micro beads aren't too abrasive for the skin, yet I still feel my skin benefits from this product as a scrub more than a cleansing product. I wouldn't say it totally removes makeup, as I use a cream cleanser to take my daily makeup off first and then use a pea-sized amount, massage it into the skin and rinse with warm water.

I definitely feel like this product makes my skin feel totally clean and refreshed, especially after a long day of wearing makeup. 

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-here

During this very same shopping trip, I hadn't planned to treat myself to a moisturiser as well but (as always), I was tricked into it by the Clarins lady, so this moisturiser was more of an impulse buy. Plus, she mentioned that I would receive some additional points on my Debenhams beauty card...and to the till I went!

So far, I'm not as convinced with the Daily Energizer Cream as I have been with my all-time favourite exfoliating cleanser. For a start, the pot is tiny and I'm not too sure it's worth £21! The cream is really refreshing but I think it would only work effectively after using the cleansing product, and I personally wouldn't always use them together or buy both at the same time.

Maybe this is just my personal experience of using the cream? I'm thinking it's maybe not suited to my skin type as it still leaves small patches of my skin feeling dry. I do love Clarins as a brand but maybe I'll stick what I know in the future-lesson learnt!

Have you tried any of these Clarins skincare products?

If you've blogged about them post the URL to your post below!

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