April 04, 2013

Benefit Beauty Review #3: They're Real Mascara and Instant Brow Pencil in Medium

Sorry for the delayed Benefit review post, I know it was supposed to go up yesterday! *slap on the wrist for me!*

If you've been reading my Benefit review posts you will know that this is the last one of the series and I've decided to focus on my favourite products of the bunch; the award-winning UK No.1 Best Selling They're Real mascara and also the Instant brow pencil in medium.

Lucky enough for me, I was introduced to all of these Benefit products by Lisa Potter Dixon herself, the head makeup and trend artist for Benefit.(You can follower her on Twitter @Lisa_Benefit where you will find some excellent beauty tips!).

It was amazing to meet her and I loved being shown which products would suit me best, as I can be an impulse buyer at times and purchase the wrong product entirely. And to me there's nothing more annoying than splurging on a product that you're never ever going to use.

Having recommendations from such an experienced beauty expert was super fun and the products picked out for me have been spot on so far, so I'll definitely be re-purchasing!

All I can say about this mascara is no wonder it's a number 1 best seller! I'm particularly fussy about the mascara I use as my eyelashes are fairly long but usually lack volume and curl, but since using They're Real I've noticed a huge difference. I've been using this very mascara for about three months now and although I probably need to invest in a new one, it's showing no signs of waning AND it's still giving me the same full impact after plenty of usage!

I don't go anywhere without wearing mascara so I would say this product is definitely great value for money as it's made it this far, despite my mega usage! It also seems to be quite conditioning as I've noticed no clumps or dryness, despite applying it on a daily basis.

If you haven't tried this mascara already, I would definitely give it a whirl!

During the same Benefit trip to their lovely store in Covent Garden, I also had my brows waxed and tinted at the brow bar and I would definitely recommend it if you're in need of a reshape and tidy up! I go through phases with my eyebrows and sometimes I'll get lazy, and then desperately want to have Cara Delevine-esque power brows in an instant (but no matter how hard I try, that never happens!). 

Right now I'm really happy with my brow shape and Benefit also tinted them really naturally, which means I only need to use the Instant Brow Pencil to shade in any gaps or lighter areas where the hairs maybe aren't as dark. 

This brow pencil is really smooth and easy to use and I love that one end has a brush for taming unruly stray hairs. Who else hates waking up to find that you've slept funny on your face so individual hairs stand up in a very strange way? I assure you this little comb will solve that nightmare..or is it just me that this happens to?

The medium colour is also subtle enough that it looks natural whilst also helping to enhance the definition of my brow shape. It's also available in three shades so there's a colour to compliment all brows, happy days!

Hope you've enjoyed my Benefit review series? Let me know what Benefit products you are currently loving below!


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