February 27, 2013

Beauty Tip: How to Store your Nail Polish

For those of you that are obsessed by beauty and feel the need to buy a nail polish in every available colour, I think I've found the perfect storage solution for you! When I go shopping for new products, I usually go without a particular brand or item in mind, unless it's an essential that I really, really need. And when it comes to nail polish, I seem to make a purchase just because I fancy a change or like the colour- which probably explains why I have so many!

But after talking with friends (who share similar nail polish tendencies), I have come to the conclusion that many beauty lovers are probably looking for this kind of storage box.

I bought this amazing acrylic storage case from Muji and found that it is the perfect size for storing all of my nail polishes, whilst it also allows me to see what shades I've got, which has stopped me buying them excessively, promise.

Depending on the shape of the bottles, you may only fit two or three in each slot, but I would definitely consider purchasing this if you want to tidy up your collection. Muji have many different types of storage boxes for jewellery too so you should definitely take a look!

 I also use the Muji clear storage boxes for the rest of my makeup so take a look at my other beauty storage post here if you need more storage tips and inspiration.

How do you store all your beauty products? 


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  1. i know this isnt really related to the post but i love your choices in nail polish colors haha xx



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