February 27, 2013

Beauty Tip: How to Store your Nail Polish

For those of you that are obsessed by beauty and feel the need to buy a nail polish in every available colour, I think I've found the perfect storage solution for you! When I go shopping for new products, I usually go without a particular brand or item in mind, unless it's an essential that I really, really need. And when it comes to nail polish, I seem to make a purchase just because I fancy a change or like the colour- which probably explains why I have so many!

But after talking with friends (who share similar nail polish tendencies), I have come to the conclusion that many beauty lovers are probably looking for this kind of storage box.

I bought this amazing acrylic storage case from Muji and found that it is the perfect size for storing all of my nail polishes, whilst it also allows me to see what shades I've got, which has stopped me buying them excessively, promise.

Depending on the shape of the bottles, you may only fit two or three in each slot, but I would definitely consider purchasing this if you want to tidy up your collection. Muji have many different types of storage boxes for jewellery too so you should definitely take a look!

 I also use the Muji clear storage boxes for the rest of my makeup so take a look at my other beauty storage post here if you need more storage tips and inspiration.

How do you store all your beauty products? 


REVIEW: Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in Emprise

Recently I came across the most perfect nude nail polish; Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in Emprise.

Think of the ultimate pretty ballerina pink shade and that's this nail polish in a nutshell. I've always been a big fan of Chanel nail polishes as the colour is long-lasting and the packaging is always very chic, although I know that's not really the point! 

These nail polishes aren't usually something I would go out and buy on a whim, as they are £18 each. But I do believe that they are the perfect indulgence if you are looking to treat yourself or someone special in your life. I always think they make a great birthday gift for a friend as they aren't the type of item you would buy yourself, unless you were feeling particularly flush with your money! 

As you can probably tell on the picture below, the colour of the polish is so delicate that it is quite similar to my pale skin tone. But to me, this is what makes it such an elegant and subtle colour. I'm also finding that nude shades need a lot less maintaining than bold bright hues so for now, I'm sticking with this shade.

What do you think of the Chanel Le Vernis nail colours?

The Emprise shade is available to buy here.


February 19, 2013

London Fashion Week Street style #1

This is the very first year that I have been in London for fashion week and after not knowing what to expect, I can honestly say that the 'fash pack' are one hell of a crazy bunch. 

Some of the outfits were particularly mind-blowing and I couldn't tell the difference between serious, true style and fancy dress attire at times. Although I did get outfit/accessory envy at least every 10 minutes whilst I was there! 

I was also lucky enough to see my first ever fashion show, Lug Von Siga,  which was part of the Fashion Scout schedule (full post on that to follow soon). The constant clicking of cameras, amazing clothes, striking models, celebrity appearances and dramatic music definitely made it everything I had hoped a fashion show to be. Exciting and fabulous.

Although I only attended fashion week for two days (Friday & Monday), it's been a great experience and I would encourage anyone to make a trip to Somerset House next year, even if it's just to witness the amazing outfits and take in the buzzing atmosphere!

Here are some of my final street style snaps from London Fashion week:

What do you think of these outfits from LFW? Have you been to any of this years shows? Post the links to your fashion week posts in the comment section below as I would love to see them!


P.s If you see your picture and would like me to credit you, feel free to email me or comment below- sarahsstylestatement01@hotmail.co.uk


February 05, 2013

NEW LAUNCH: CK One 3-in-1 Face Makeup in 100 Porcelain

Choosing the right foundation or base makeup can often be one of the most frustrating shopping trips ever, fact. There's nothing worse than being persuaded into buying a super pricey foundation that doesn't blend into your skin tone at all. To make matters worse, you then feel as though you have to wear it because it's cost you the earth. We've all been there...

Usually I swear by Chanel's Perfection Lumiere (12 Beige Rose) and although I'm still happy using it, I think it has a pretty hefty price tag (£36) for everyday usage and it's also a little heavier than I would like for the spring summer season.

As I was recently introduced to the new CK One 3-in-1 face makeup (in 100 Porcelain)*, I decided to give it a whirl and it's now my first choice when it comes to everyday base makeup.

It's a daily serum, primer and face makeup in one which means I'm saving lots of time applying it in the morning as well as money I might be spending on buying three separate products to achieve the same results.

One of the best features of this foundation is that you can apply it with ease and without a brush. It's smooth and nourishing texture means that it glides on just like a tinted moisturiser, but manages to keep a good,even coverage right through the day.

You will find this foundation to be pretty light and natural when applied, but it's easy to build up if you are looking for more of a full coverage. This product also includes SPF 8 which will protect your skin from any harmful UV rays all year round.

Here's a swatch of the product to show you how the product appears when first applied and when it's rubbed in slightly:

There are 8 different shades to choose from and the face makeup is £25 for 30ml.

Available exclusively at Debenhams.co.uk.

What base products are you currently loving?


*Press Sample

OOTD: Pastel Dropped-hem blouse and Topshop Adonis 2 Boots

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd show you my outfit of the day from Saturday! I decided to travel home from London this weekend for a bit of a break and I seemed to be greeted by plenty of sunshine, which is something we aren't really that used to in the North of England!

As the pastel colours are beginning to reappear in many of the high-street stores for Spring, I had a browse through my wardrobe (as I don't even know what I've got in there at times) and dug out this dropped hem blouse that I purchased from H&M last season. 

Although it's last season (tut, tut), I think it's a versatile piece that I'll bring out each year and I'm sure there will be many of these around this year if you're looking for something similar.Motel Rocks have an amazing block colour one here and you could always take advantage of the 20% discount offered on my blog by adding sarahsstylestatement at the checkout! And then it doesn't feel so bad!

I teamed my version with a coral cami (worn underneath), a gold and silver statement necklace from Topshop, an Accessorize Tan and gold satchel and my trusty black skinnies!

As you can tell, I'm really trying to be good on the shopping front, although I did have a naughty Zara shoe spree recently which I will be confessing to in a blog post very soon.

But I do have something fairly new to show you on S.S.S....

My Topshop Adonis 2 Boots!

What do you think about them? So far they have been very comfortable, sturdy enough for walking around everywhere in London and I would say they can be worn with almost anything. I particularly love the cut out sides and the buckle detailing. I got mine pretty early on, but Topshop are now doing them in a range of colours, prints and materials. You can find them all here.

Would love to hear what you are planning to buy for Spring?


February 01, 2013

Wake Up Your Makeup: Gap Neon Leather Bag

Thought I would bounce back into the blogging world with something super bright, as it seems as though I've been away from S.S.S for far too long! So apologies for my lack of posts... 

I've got lots of exciting things to show you and I thought I'd begin with this fabulous Gap neon leather makeup bag which you can pick up here. Although it doesn't state that it should be used as a makeup bag, I think it's a great size and shape for all beauty essentials. Plus, who wouldn't want to be carrying a nifty leather wallet in the latest on-trend neon?

Giving your makeup bag a complete shake up and spring clean is a fantastic way to review your current product choices and will help you to distinguish what you need and what you don't.

Investing in a squeaky clean new bag has the same great feeling that you might get from purchasing a new product, so why not throw out the old and welcome the new.

And if you carry your makeup essentials around with you everywhere, like I do, it's likely that your products will get damaged or covered in dirt and bacteria, which is never a good thing! This bag is not only good-quality real leather, but also has a sturdy zip to ensure that nothing gets lost or spills out whilst you're on the move. Not to mention, that it would double up as a cool clutch or purse for the evening!

I also can't wait to finish writing my review on the CK One 3-in-1 foundation (third product from left) which I will be blogging about over the weekend! It's a serum, primer and foundation in one and I am seriously impressed with it's coverage and quality so far!

Hope you have a great weekend!

 Will you be investing in a new makeup bag for this season?

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