February 01, 2013

Wake Up Your Makeup: Gap Neon Leather Bag

Thought I would bounce back into the blogging world with something super bright, as it seems as though I've been away from S.S.S for far too long! So apologies for my lack of posts... 

I've got lots of exciting things to show you and I thought I'd begin with this fabulous Gap neon leather makeup bag which you can pick up here. Although it doesn't state that it should be used as a makeup bag, I think it's a great size and shape for all beauty essentials. Plus, who wouldn't want to be carrying a nifty leather wallet in the latest on-trend neon?

Giving your makeup bag a complete shake up and spring clean is a fantastic way to review your current product choices and will help you to distinguish what you need and what you don't.

Investing in a squeaky clean new bag has the same great feeling that you might get from purchasing a new product, so why not throw out the old and welcome the new.

And if you carry your makeup essentials around with you everywhere, like I do, it's likely that your products will get damaged or covered in dirt and bacteria, which is never a good thing! This bag is not only good-quality real leather, but also has a sturdy zip to ensure that nothing gets lost or spills out whilst you're on the move. Not to mention, that it would double up as a cool clutch or purse for the evening!

I also can't wait to finish writing my review on the CK One 3-in-1 foundation (third product from left) which I will be blogging about over the weekend! It's a serum, primer and foundation in one and I am seriously impressed with it's coverage and quality so far!

Hope you have a great weekend!

 Will you be investing in a new makeup bag for this season?


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