December 05, 2012

TKMaxx Haul: Bargain Beauty Buys

If I'm looking for a really good bargain or there's something that I want and can't afford, I usually head to TKMaxx. Although I don't tend to buy many items of clothing from there (not that I don't like them), I have purchased some amazing leather handbags there in the past and now it appears I have found a new place to buy my beauty products!

When I visit my local TKMaxx (Preston store), I have to be in the mood to rummage and have a good look around. Today I was definitely in one of those moods and stumbled across some pretty great beauty bargains!

So here's what I purchased today:

Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake-Airbrush self-tanner -£12.99
St Tropez Mini Exfoliator-£3.99
4x Essie Nail Polishes in; Midnight Cami, Downtown Brown,
Fear & Desire and Bikini So Teeny-£9.99 for set
As Essie nail polishes are usually around £8 each, I was pretty suprised to find a pack of 4 in such amazing colours for £9.99! With dark nails being on-trend this season I was also pleased to find that the dark 'midnight cami' blue colour and the 'downtown brown' deep red fit the bill perfectly.
Although the other two shades (bikini so teeny and fear & desire) are a little summery, I thought they would add a pop of colour to my many black dresses over the festive period. As well as spotting this Essie set, I also found some bargain sets by Nails Inc. and OPI so keep a look out!
I was also pleased to find one of my favourite tanning products, the Fake Bake airbrush self-tanner. In many beauty stores this product is usually around the £20 mark so I was happy to find that itwas £12.99 in TKMaxx for exactly the same size.
They also had other great tanning products from brands such as St Tropez and Famous Dave so it's worth seeing if you can save money on any of your essentials. With many parties and celebrations on the horizon, I also decided to buy the Step 1 Body Polish exfoliator by St Tropez. As I'm yet to try this product, I decided to buy the mini version at just £3.99 so that I can use it to exfoliate before applying the Fake Bake.
TKMaxx wouldn't usually be the first place I would look for beauty products, but I was pleasantly suprised with the wide range of brands and products that included;
make-up, skincare,hair products, electrical tools and much more.
From shopping in various TKMaxx stores, I have noticed that each store does not have the same brands and stock so please keep this in mind if you are looking for any of the above products, as they may not always be available. 
Purchasing these items at full-price face value would usually cost around £50.00 so for only £26.97 I think I have made a great saving on some of my favourite beauty products!
Would love to hear about your beauty bargains from TKMaxx?
Feel free to comment below..

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