October 11, 2012

Beauty Reviews: MAC Rebel Lipstick, Honey Lust Eyeshadow & Lingering Brow Pencil

Over the past few years I've tried many beauty products, but for some reason MAC is one of the brands I have never experimented with. After reading many great beauty reviews and listening to my friends rave about their products I'm not really sure why I never made a purchase..but now I have, I'm well and truly addicted!
The first product I went for was the eyebrow pencil..then the eyeshadow..and then this fabulous satin lipstick in Rebel!
With so many lipstick shades to choose from I ended up walking in for a nude shade and came out with the complete opposite-typical! However, I was assured by the lovely MAC sales assistant that I NEEDED to try this lipstick and she was so right, the colour is amazing!
Although it is a much darker shade than the plum/pink tones I usually go for, I was made up with the pigment! At a glance, the lipstick looks very dark but when it is applied it is a gorgeous deep rich purple that can be built up gradually if you desire a darker shade! With dark lips on the beauty agenda for 2013, this shade is the perfect addition to your A/W lipstick collection!
I was also pleased with the price (£14.00 buy here) and the longevity of the lipstick as the colour lasted throughout the night with only minimal top ups!


My second MAC find was this divine golden eyeshadow in Honey Lust which you can buy here. I'd been looking for a versatile eyeshadow colour that could be applied in the day for a highlighted glow and used as a high impact eyeshadow in the evening. So far, I have used this eyeshadow on it's own in the day and I have added rich brown tones for a smoky effect in the evening. This little pot of golden lustre is only £12 and you can buy a refil of the colour for £10 when it runs out!
After using this eyebrow pencil for a couple of weeks, I think I'd be completely lost without it! I've tried many eyebrow pencils before but this MAC brown pencil in 'Lingering'(buy here) is super easy to apply, precise and has definitely helped to define my make up look!
Colouring your brows can be something easily ignored if you have darker eyebrows anyway, but if yours are a mousy brown shade (like mine!) a pencil really helps to frame the face, sounds weird but true! This pencil twists at the top too so there's no need to worry about sharpening the end to get an even shape. I'm definitely going to bulk buy these!
For any of the listed products above visit the MAC website here or follow the links above.
What MAC products have you tried before?
I would love to hear your experience..
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