September 13, 2012

Savvy Storage for Beauty Products

Muji Perspex Storage Boxes (3 Stacked one on top of the other)


The top storage tray is perfect for dividing different shades of nail varnishes and would also be great for lipsticks and hair accessories


Some of the storage trays have sliding drawers that are ideal for separating your base products from eyes and lips!

The three storage cases all stacked up!
If you are a beauty lover and you're collection is anything like mine you need to pay a visit to Muji.

Coming across this wonderful brand has made storing my make up products so much easier and it's helped to optimise my space whilst minimising clutter!

When you are frequently buying new products it's often difficult to see what you have when it's all tucked away. Having my make up essentials stored in these handy clear acrylic boxes has helped me to make the most of my products, as I can now see that I have a variety of products to use each day.

Although the trays look like they are attached, the top tray (with built in dividers) is simply placed on top of the two trays below. The bottom two trays have opening drawers and come attached together.

The great thing about Muji storage is that you can create a storage system that is well suited to your individual needs. For instance, you can also buy boxes for jewellery,sunglasses,earings,dvds and much more.

For storing make up, these boxes are easy to clean and you can also add more trays as your beauty collection grows!

Muji offers many great storage solutions for any home and I think their products are extremely good value for money and I can't wait to get my hands on the jewellery boxes!

You can find the full collection of Muji acrylic storage boxes here.
Have you used any Muji products to store your essentials?
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