August 18, 2012

Hair Inspiration: The Halo style Plait

If you will kindly excuse the lovely lady eating lunch behind me and the fact my fringe could probably do with a trim, you will see that my hair has been done in a halo style plait.

After trying to create a chunky plait across my hairline for ages, I decided that there must be another way and although it's not very revolutionary I'm very proud of my new technique!

All you need is two bobbles that are as thin as possible and some flat grips.

I simply part my hair down the centre, plait each side loosely (as it can look better when it's not so neat), cross them over covering the bobbles up and pin down where necessary, Voila!

 It can feel a little bit pippi long-stocking-esque but I love it all the same!

Here some other plaited hair styles to inspire you:

Have you tried any of the plaited hair trends this season?

Image credits from top:; Hershesons;; Hershesons

August 16, 2012

My Week of Instagram!

Hello all..

Thought I'd share some of my recent happenings on Instagram from what I've been wearing to what I've been splurging on (*slap on the wrist!*).

I know Instagram is one of those things that people are loving or hating at the moment but I'd just like to say that I am obsessed! I'm a big fan of taking photographs and it's nice to keep a record and look back, occassionally in shame(!) at the things you have been wearing or what you have been doing!

Here's my past week in Instagram pictures:

A really good friend recommended this Rimmel Pro Nail polish to me in 'Celebrity Bash' and I absolutely love it. The colour is a dark bungundy which is definitely a welcoming change from this summer's pastel pinks. The brush is also really thick so it's easy to paint your nails in one quick swoosh! Although it's not entirely chip resistant like most nail polishes, it does last much longer than most others I've tried! Full review coming soon..

I love anything vintage inspired so I was very excited to buy this Vintage style button bracelet which fits nicely with my vintage watch. I bought the bracelet from a lovely little shop called Tienne in Longridge, Lancashire, but unforturtunately I can't remember the designers name (although I will let you know as soon as I do!)

EXCITEMENT! I finally got some disco pants!! I've wanted a pair ever since I set eyes on them so I was very happy to find that the fabulous Coco Boo in Preston had started to sell them at a fraction of the price you might pay for the American Apparel ones! These black disco pants have exactly the same features as the AA ones, including two pockets at the back, a high-waist, zip front but they are much more comfortable to wear. As they are in high demand, the girls at Coco Boo worked hard to find me a pair but I am really pleased with them and have barely had them off! Take a look at their fabulous new arrivals here. Full outfit post to come soon..

Snapped up this bargainous Ashish for Topshop tee in the sale for £10. Sometimes it's nice to get a baggy tee as they are so comfortable and versatile. I love the fact this tee is a sequin style print which will still add a little glam'!

Finally, my patriotic Graze Box! I've been receiving one graze box per week for a while now and if you've never heard of them you should definitely check them out. They are a little box with 4 healthy snacks including dried fruits, nuts, and all sorts of treats! This week one of my snacks was a berry compote with shortbread biscuits which was absolutely yum!

Hope you have enjoyed my week in Instagram Pictures!




August 05, 2012

Camo Crazy

Khaki, camo and parka jackets seem to be making an huge appearance this autumn winter and although I'm a big fan of them, I can't decide whether I need one in my life!

As jackets are one of my all time favourite pieces I like to be sure that I will get the maximum wear out of them.As they can also be one of the more pricey items, I was hoping this post might help me to make the right decision!

Here are a few of my options so comment below and help me decide!


Love the embellishment on this jacket as it adds a feminine touch!
The contrasting leather sleeves on this Topshop number work well to break up the khaki.

Sparkle & Fade @ Urban Outfitters-£98-BUY
The classic style of this Sparkle & Fade parka will see you right through the summer festivals and beyond!

The Ragged Priest @ Topshop-£55-BUY
I'm a great lover of spikes and studs so this Ragged Priest camo jacket gets my vote!

Hearts & Bows Vintage Army jacket @ Asos-£29.99-BUY
I like how this vintage style army jacket has been paired with girlie hues of pale pink to soften the look!

I don't want to end up looking like an army corporal in my chosen jacket so I would love some help!

Comment below if you have one and let me know how you wear yours...

Would love to hear your thoughts..



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