July 19, 2012

This week's high-street overhaul:Topshop, H&M, Primark

I must confess I've been a bit naughty recently and keep having mini sprees here and there! But nearly all of them were absolute bargains, got to justify it to myself so maybe I don't feel so bad!

1. Black suede look studded toe cap flats, H&M, £14.99

I'm always searching for the perfect flat shoes that I can walk around in comfortably every day! I'm a big fan of heels but it makes me happy that these flats have a touch of glam with the studded toe caps. I've been wearing mine with skinny jeans mostly but they also go well with tights!

2.Triangle statement necklace, Topshop, £4.50(sale)

So glad I got my hands on this necklace! Originally it was £16.50 which was a little steep for me, considering I have so much jewellery.But snapping it up for under a fiver didn't seem too rediculous.Will be wearing this tucked under shirt collars or with a baggy tee.

3. Black pointed shoe boots, Topshop, £20 (sale)

Again another sale purchase from the fabulous Toppers! I love rummaging through sales and pick up most of my shoes in the sale. As this pair are a simple black suede, I thought they would be perfect throughout the winter to wear with tights or skinnys for day or night.

4.Pearl spike statement necklace,Primark,£4

As you can see I love a good statement necklace so I was over the moon when I found this Primark number for such a bargain price! They also has earings and a bracelet in a similar style-go go go!

5. Grey beaded cross tee,Primark,£6

This season I've been loving more grundgy styles as an alternative to the pretty, feminine look so this tee has been a perfect pick. It's got drop armholes so you may need a bandeau for underneath and it has silver beaded crosses all over the front. Fab' for wearing with high-waisted denim shorts and they also have this style in white with bronze crosses.

6. Statement earings, Primark, £2.50

I've been wearing my hair in a ponytail quite a lot recently so I thought these earings might add an interesting edge for day or for the evening.

7. Daisy print peplum top, Primark, £6

It seems like I've never been out of Primark reading this overhaul! I don't shop in there that often but seemed to find many little gems, including this daisy print peplum top. Waiting for a hot summers day to wear it though!

8.Black fringed shorts, Rare for Topshop, £7(sale)

Not sure when I'm going to wear these but loved the fringing detail on them. Many styles that I try on are often too short as I'm quite tall so I thought this pair might keep me a little bit more covered!

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks fashion overhaul..

What have you been buying this week?

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  1. You got some great stuff! I have the cross top but in white, great for summer.


  2. I've gone cross crazy recently too, literally every piece of jewellery i've bought this year has a cross of some form on it haha. Bargain with the Topshop boots btw! I've been keeping an eye for for the Allegra's for ages but they're sooo dear when they come up on ebay :(


  3. @ Riley Ellise..I loved the white one too, might have to get both! xx

  4. @ Lauren Jade..Topshop shoes are hard to find at a cheaper price, probably the longer you wait the cheaper they will go, fingers crossed they go into the sale for you! xx


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