July 12, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Off Duty Khaki

Topshop Khaki Jamie Jeans / H&M baggy grey tee / H&M gold studded hair tie / Lace Applique jacket-Orchard Road Vintage/Topshop Alibi Black Boots/ Vintage Gold Locket & Bracelets

Thought I'd do a quick outfit post to show you what I was wearing the other day! I usually go for the standard black skinny jeans from Topshop but decided to opt for a new style and colour.
Suprisingly, the khaki have been very versatile and the Jamie style are super stretchy and are still a good fit after a couple of washes,score! I also caved and bought yet another pair of SHOES, the Topshop Alibi boots. Although the heel looks pretty chunky they are comfy enough for the day!
I've also been loving my gold studded hair tie from H&M.Ponytails with a normal bobble used to be boring, but now I love a good slick ponytail! It's a normal bobble with a gold studded clasp that fastens around your hair.The stud detail toughens up any look and they do them in various styles too.
Last but not least..my lace applique detail black jacket. I have a vintage eBay shop called Orchard Road Vintage that you can find here and I will soon be adding two cream and two black versions of this vintage-esque jacket to my eBay shop for just £10 each! I mostly sell authentic vintage items but I couldn't resist buying these lovely cover-ups! Hope you like them..!
Anyway, I'm off to Alton Towers tomorrow with work (how lucky!?) so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..
I'll soon be doing an overhaul with plenty of fashion goodies for you to feast your eyes on so keep a look out!


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