July 11, 2012

My love for OPI Geleration

So, you may have heard many fellow bloggers harking on about the new gel polish for a while now.I've only tried the Jessica Gel Polish (which is also good) and another rubbish one (that isn't worth a mention!)but I am oh so pleased with my latest gel manicure by OPI.

Now it may just look like a normal glossy nail polish on here, but I assure you it isn't a nail colour that is going to chip every two seconds like many nail polishes out there. I'm not saying that all nail polishes are poor quality, but more often than not I find myself re-painting them again and again!

An OPI geleration manicure will cost you around £20 a pop so it's unlikely that you'll go for gel polish every time, but I would recommend it 100%.

If you excuse the claw hand for one moment, you will see that the colour is a beautiful cross between a coral and a classic pillar box red which I absolutely love. I've tried to find the exact shade and I can only guess that it's nearest to the OPI 'Monsooner or Later' shade.

This kind of gel manicure is supposed to be hard-wearing enough to last up to 3 weeks, but this does depend on the condition of your nails. Here's to hoping that mine lasts the whole duration..I will keep you posted!

Let me know if you have had any similar gel based nail treatments?

OPI Geleration Nails available at selected salons.

Visit www.opi.com for more information.

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