June 21, 2012

Beauty: Little Luxuries

I've not done a beauty haul in a long while so I thought it was time to show you some of my favourite little beauty luxuries. Some are high-end and some are reasonably priced so there's a pick-me-up buy to suit all budgets! As you can see the colour palette includes mostly pinks and sorbet shades as I went on a mad spree in Boots, thinking summer must be well and truly on it's way!

Product reviews:

1. Essie Nail Lacquer in No.14 (see below picture)- I was instantly drawn to this soft pink colour which reminds me very much of strawberry milkshake. This is the first Essie product I've ever bought and I have been pleased with the results. With two coats, the colour is long lasting and I'm planning to add coral polka dots with my nail dotting tool.

2. Bobbi Brown Instant Long-wear Makeup Remover (sample)- My mum kindly gave this Bobbi Brown eye makeup remover to me as I'm forever looking for wipes to get my mascara off. The product is clear and feels oil based which really helps eyeshadow, liner and mascara to slide off. I would definitely buy the full size version after giving this miniature a go!

3. Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud- Admittedly, I do like high-end makeup but I was pleasantly suprised with the colour of this blusher in boots for £1.99. The colour is lovely for adding a rosy hint to the cheeks and at that price it's too good to miss. I love it when brands make their products low-priced and accessible as it means you can test out new shades, without spending a fortune.

4. No.7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in 10. Brown- I bought this pencil with a No.7 voucher that you get from Boots and it's been a fabulous product. You use the pencil as eyeliner and the soft nib at the other end allows you to smudge it in. Great for those of you that struggle to use liquid eyeliner,me included!

5. L'Occitane Pivoine Delicate fragrance and lipgloss duo- I am in love with this product. It has a lovely, sweet-scented rollerball fragrance at one end and a pearly pink lip gloss at the other. Perfect for popping in your clutch on holiday! 

6. Benefit Posie Tint- As much as I like this product I would only invest in it if you are comfortable with having rosy, blushed cheeks as the colour has a strong pigment.However,it does give a gorgeously pretty glow and leaves your cheeks looking rose tinted all day long.

7. Natural Collection eye duo in mink/sable- A neutral eyeshadow duo that acts as a great base shadow for everyday wear.

8. Daisy  Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs (handbag size)-This fragrance is the perfect summer pick-me-up that will keep you smelling sweet on a hot summers day. It still makes me smile when I take it out of my bag!

9. Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph Brow Shaper and Highlighter- This product isn't as expensive as most brow highlighters and I think it's a high contender in the world of brows. It has a brown pencil at one end to shape them and a pale pink pencil 
to highlight your arch.

Hope you have enjoyed all the products included in this beauty haul! Would love to hear what you think?


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  1. Posie tint is my all time favorite along with benetint :)



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