May 14, 2012

Savvy Storage

It's all well and good buying all the latest accessories, make up etc etc..but the question is where do you store it all? After de-tangling a dozen long necklaces and losing some of my favourite jewels, I have decided enough is enough. In the hope that I will (one day) have an organised and tidy bedroom fit for a queen, I have put together a selection of my favourite storage ideas, to inspire all those clutter lovers (like me!) to clean up their act!

Hope these images help..

Clean out old candle jars and use them to store your make-up brushes. Vintage ash trays and trinkets are also great for keeping rings,watches and bracelets safe.
When your not using your cake stand for afternoon tea why not decorate it with all your pretty, delicate  jewellery. 
Keep hold of your Forrero Rocher tray or an old chocolate tray and use it to store your rings and earings. The best part; you get to eat the chocolate first!
A vintage style tin is a fab' way to keep your lip sticks all in one place ensuring that you never forget a shade!
These cute jars can be filled with all your beauty and bathroom essentials
Trinkets will add a shabby chic look to any dressing table whilst keeping your finest jewels in order

Hang your earings over a cup or lace a pearl bracelet around a saucer for chic yet practical decoration.
Place your sunnies over a wooden coat hanger so that you never miss a pair!
Keep your finest and most ladylike hats on display by popping them on the wall

Images from top to bottom:
A Pair and a Spare
Owl vs Dove
rituals beauty
A Pair and a Spare



  1. likee your blog dear,
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  2. Amazing blog!!! Fantastic post! You've got great style!!! You're pretty brilliant. Gonna keep coming back to your blog for more! :-) Looking forward to more posts from you!

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