May 30, 2012

Nail Art How To: Bow Ties and Polka Dots

As nail art appears to be having a moment on the beauty scene, in magazines and blogs, I wanted to give it a go myself. My problem is that I never dedicate enough time to my nails and usually get them done at a salon as I'm lazy like that! 

After being inspired by the creative WAH nails, I decided to buy myself a set of nail dotting tools which you can buy from eBay here. I had never really heard of a dotting tool before so I didn't know what to expect when I ordered them but I would fully recommend them if you like the idea of polka dot, aztec or marble effect nails.

 They are really easy to use and are a little fine tool with metal tips that allow you to guide the nail polish on in whatever pattern you like. I admit, my first attempt was a little shakey and not as neat as I had imagined them but I guess practice makes perfect!

Here is my first attempt at nail art..

What you will need:

* Nail file and cuticle remover
* A base and a top coat (I recommend using Butter LONDON's Nail Foundation Basecoat and Butter   LONDON's Hardwear top coat.
* Two contrasting nail varnish colours (I used Butter LONDON's polishes Trout Pout and Slapper-excuse the daring names!) However, this would work with most normal nail polishes.
* Nail Dotting tools which you can buy using the above link

First of all, file your nails into a rounded or square shape using a nail file. For this I would recommend Leighton Denny's crystal nail file as it is very easy to use and is very long lasting. Push back your cuticles and apply one coat of the Butter LONDON Nail Foundation Basecoat. This polish appears shiny at first and then turns matte leaving a perfectly smooth nail base helping your first coat glide on.

Once the basecoat has fully dried add your first coloured nail polish, applying two coats if necessary. I used the coral pink Butter LONDON polish in Trout Pout.

Then the fun part begins..decide on what pattern you are hoping to achieve, maybe use a picture to copy from if you are a little uncertain..Drip a spot of polish on to the lid of the nail polish (this can be removed later with nail polish remover) and dot on the contrasting colour. I decided to do a bow tie on each middle finger, and polka dots on the rest, including a thicker edge on my little finger(see below). Top Tip: Don't get too much polish on the dotting tool as the dots can appear too big!

To do the bow ties on the middle finger I dotted on two small triangles with a dot in the middle and three dots down the centre of the nail. The above picture shows one of the dotting tools..Once the nail art is complete, wait for it to dry and add a topcoat to secure it-I used the Butter LONDON Hardwear quick drying topcoat.


Hope you enjoy the finished results..I am hoping I will improve and try out many more designs! 

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see on Sarahs Style Statement!


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May 27, 2012


I've got a special project on the go and would love it if all you lovely followers and readers could fill in this survey. It's mainly for people that:

a) would spend between £100-£500 on a designer pair of shoes or a handbag
b) pick up and read customer magazines such as H&M magazine on a regular basis

It would be much appreciated if you could fill this in, should only take a few minutes!

Thank you!

All shall be revealed..



May 25, 2012

Topshop lust haves!

I have one question: am I the only person that can't resist a sneaky peek on at least once if not SEVERAL times in one day? If you're as obsessed as I am and find yourself creating endless wish lists (adding almost everything in your shopping basket like it's some sort of supermarket sweep) you may like to feast your eyes on my favourite items of the week.

This cream blouse is definitely on my summer staples wish list.The colour is versatile I LOVE the heart back detail.

Show off your tanned pins in these dip dyed ombre shorts. Sorbet shades are set to stay this spring summer so snap them up before they go!

(Also available in black)

This nude studded number is the perfect go-to bag to hold all your essentials. Neutral shades work with everything and the studs will give a glamourous edge to any look.

Work this beautiful printed maxi skirt with loose tee and sandals for day time luxe. Add killer heels and bold red lips ready to dance the night away!

I just can't resist the gold heel and stud detail on these super-high beauties. Can you?

So now I've got my list out of the way I better get on with the buying bit..!

Any other Topshop lovers out there?

thought so..


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All images are


May 14, 2012

Savvy Storage

It's all well and good buying all the latest accessories, make up etc etc..but the question is where do you store it all? After de-tangling a dozen long necklaces and losing some of my favourite jewels, I have decided enough is enough. In the hope that I will (one day) have an organised and tidy bedroom fit for a queen, I have put together a selection of my favourite storage ideas, to inspire all those clutter lovers (like me!) to clean up their act!

Hope these images help..

Clean out old candle jars and use them to store your make-up brushes. Vintage ash trays and trinkets are also great for keeping rings,watches and bracelets safe.
When your not using your cake stand for afternoon tea why not decorate it with all your pretty, delicate  jewellery. 
Keep hold of your Forrero Rocher tray or an old chocolate tray and use it to store your rings and earings. The best part; you get to eat the chocolate first!
A vintage style tin is a fab' way to keep your lip sticks all in one place ensuring that you never forget a shade!
These cute jars can be filled with all your beauty and bathroom essentials
Trinkets will add a shabby chic look to any dressing table whilst keeping your finest jewels in order

Hang your earings over a cup or lace a pearl bracelet around a saucer for chic yet practical decoration.
Place your sunnies over a wooden coat hanger so that you never miss a pair!
Keep your finest and most ladylike hats on display by popping them on the wall

Images from top to bottom:
A Pair and a Spare
Owl vs Dove
rituals beauty
A Pair and a Spare

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