March 11, 2012

My New Shirt

There's nothing I love more than a new season in fashion. Just when your getting tired of the same old items, out come the new trends and looks that completely refresh your wardrobe. Luckily, I'm staying in London this month so I've been able to have more choice than usual and cherry pick my favourite items.

If I had to give an award for the best collection on the high-street (so far) it would have to go to Zara. I popped in with a friend and we literally wanted to buy everything. From beautiful studded leather jackets, to colour-popping pastel dresses and printed pyjama-style trousers, there are styles to suit all. 

Heading to the till with at least five items in hand, I knew I had to try and be sensible and only buy one item that a) I needed and b) think is different to all of my other items. 

The item I decided to go for was this amazing Leopard shirt with applique collar which you can buy here for £29.99. I fell in love with the print as it's not your usual leopard print, you'll see what I mean in the below image! And there's always a guarantee that I'll buy anything studded, so the detail on the collar and cuffs completely sold it to me.

The below images are featured on Zara's 'The People' page here. I will soon be doing an outfit post to show you how I've been wearing mine.

Close up: Leopard print detail, and gold studded cuffs.

I love the two studs on the collar!

Happy spring summer shopping!


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