January 22, 2012

Love Amelie Design

Natalie, the owner of Love Amelie design
Floral Bunting

Fluffy Heart Garlands

Lace Trim Hankerchief

Heart Hangings

The story began.............

It was time to make sense of them!

From the studio in the garden,
After many pots of tea, and sugar drops galore,
She flittered and fluttered her way to creating her first lovely gift!

It was the start of making ‘all things pretty’ and Love Amelie Design was born!

Every creation is lovingly handmade by Amelie,
Using a jumble of gorgeous fabrics,
The odd help from Nancy sewing machine,
And a dash of delightful buttons here and there,
The recipe makes for just utter loveliness!

Simply happiness and a love for crafts is at the heart of Love Amelie Design and we want others to share in the delights.

Please enjoy!

Love Amelie x

When ‘pretty’ thoughts were overflowing in Amelie’s head,
Think dreamy floral prints, vintage-inspired goodies and fluffy floral hearts and you have Love Amelie Design in a nutshell. If you're looking for a unique and personalised gift Natalie's intricate designs can be customised on request and made in a variety of colours and fabrics. From ladylike hankerchiefs to beautiful bunting, these individual designs are the perfect way to spruce up your home and your look this Spring Summer.

I met up with the fabulous lady behind the designs to find out more...

Q. What gave you the idea for your business?

A.  I suppose I can thank my 'imagination' for the idea of Love Amelie Design! I am a dreamer and always have been since I was a little girl. I used to day dream about *magical* worlds where everything was so beautiful and pretty.....just what every little girl wishes for! I always wanted 'that world' to be a reality but realistically, it wasn't.

We all grow up learning how much bad there is in the world and are constantly reminded of it. This I hated, and it always brought me back to thinking of that place I used to dream about. And so really, this is where Love Amelie Design began.......I wanted to bring a bit of ‘goodness’ into people’s lives with fun and colour and make them smile! Love Amelie Design captures the essence of that *magical* world.

Q.What do you feel you have achieved so far, even in the early stages?

A.To think I began Love Amelie Design as a light hearted hobby 2 years ago, I would say I have achieved an awful lot since then. I have set up my own website so customers can view products, learn all about the business, and what I am personally about.

I have also moved into events, taking Love Amelie Design to the next level. I spend my time travelling round the country, exposing the range to people further a field at Vintage fairs/design events, whilst displaying my products in shops and promoting my label.

Q. Who inspired you?

I would say the good in the world has inspired me....that *magical* world I mentioned earlier and a huge love for all things pretty and vintage. This is what inspires me to make my Love Amelie designs. A constant inspiration for me is also my amazing family who I love so much and who have always helped and supported me.

Mum gave me a card years ago that said ‘give your dreams every chance’ and it is this that I tell myself time and time again!! It is too true.

Q.Where do you hope to see yourself and the business by the end of 2012?

At the end of 2012, I would like to be actively selling online, open a unit for Love Amelie design and have contracts with stockists. I would love to attend more events so that many people will be aware of what Love Amelie Design is all about. Onwards and upwards to rainbows!!


To place an order you can email enquiries@loveameliedesign.co.uk, or alternatively you can check the below pages for the latest events!

Love Amelie Design website here





January 12, 2012

Velvet Vixen

What I'm Wearing:
(Velvet Floral Kimono Jacket-River Island, Burgundy Lace Crop top-Topshop, Turn up high-waisted shorts-H&M, Brown Brogues-Topshop, Watch-Vintage, Bracelets-Pandora,Plaited Belt-Topshop,Necklace-Miss Selfridge)

Thought I would post an outfit I was wearing the other day as I've jumped on the bandwagon and become a member of Lookbook. One of my "resolutions"(one of those things you never keep) for January was to show more outfit posts to A. reduce my excessive spending habits and B. to see what items I have hiding in my wardrobe. But,oops, looks like I've already purchased two of the above items from the sales! I'll try better next time..

I've been loving my high-waisted H&M shorts as they go with everything and are a fab all year round wardrobe staple. I snapped up the burgundy lace crop top in the Topshop sale for £15 and got the River Island fringed kimono jacket for £15 too (reduced from £60!!). The print is floral, edged with crochet lace and fringing-so pretty for the money! I've accessorised this everyday look with my trusty Topshop brogues,Pandora Bracelets and a statement necklace I bought for £1!

Hope you all enjoy this look!

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January 06, 2012

My Christmas Beauty Treats

Products Clockwise from Left :
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre-Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow-Colour 83 Illusoire (Brush Included)
Fanny & Claude's Fabulous Concoctions-Rich Hand Cream-Original Tea Garden
Barry M Nail Varnishes-115 Red Black (left), Limited Edition Nail effects in Silver Glitter (Right)
Chanel Inimitable Volume Length Curl Mascara-Natural Result- Noir Black (10)

First of all, Happy New Year Everyone! I've decided to start the new year by reviewing some of my Christmas beauty treats as I was very lucky to receive such gorgeous gifts. (Although I must admit, some listed were a gift to myself but shhhh.)

The first product I am absolutely loving is the Chanel Longwear Luminous Eyeshadow. As metallics are here to stay for S/S 2012 I was very happy to receive this glittering shadow in a smouldering deep grey hue. 

Depending on how intense you want the colour to be it can look like a dark brown shimmer which I love! Comes with a cute Chanel brush as the Eyeshadow can be worn as an eye-liner too. There's also 6 colours to choose from which are listed in the above link.

Say goodbye to dry wintery palms and say hello to Fanny & Claude's, Rich Hand Cream in Oriental Tea Garden. The scent is described as 'light,fresh green scent, blended with citrus and spice essential oils and nourishing avocado oil, it's an uplifting, refreshing cream'. I can't really argue with that-it is delightful. 

As the hand cream is quite thick you do need to use it sparingly, but for me that means it lasts longer, so no doubt I'll be using this product next year too. The packaging is also vintage inspired with polka dots which is an instant hit for me.

The product can be found online at Fanny & Claude's website (above) but I bought mine from a lovely gift shop called Legends of Longton,Preston Lancashire. It's definitely worth making a trip there as the shop is beautiful.

Thought I'd treat my nails over the festive period with some deep red nail varnish by Barry M, with a sprinkling of the Limited Edition nail effects on top. I expected the nail effects to have a marbled look like the other shades but it's just very glittery which makes me happy.
Some slight chipping going on here,oops!
Next up is the Chanel Volume Length Curl Mascara. I'm really happy with the product as I like my lashes to be quite natural and this brush seems to be the perfect for me. I don't usually spend much on mascara (as I often loose them quite easily) but as this was a present I felt really,really grateful and have decided to use on special occasions ONLY. Let's see how long that lasts.

Now I don't know if its just moi that suffers from this problem, but I must have scoured beauty halls for DAYS trying to find the right perfume. After dousing myself in a million scents, and carrying around countless cards spritzed with all sorts, I finally went for the one I wanted in the first place (why is that always the case?). Probably because I'm usually torn by which is a prettier bottle.But, I feel like I made the right choice with the Valentina fragrance. 

It is described as "A true feminine classic twisted with the pure insolence of Italian ingredients. On top: the exuberant freshness of Calabrian bergamot enhanced with Alba truffle. The irreverence of Amalfi orange blossom, touched by wild strawberry in the heart. And the captivating sensuality of Cedar woods and amber in the base notes. This fragrance truly embodies the irreverent aura of Valentina. "

Last but not least, I bought the Clarins Cleansing Duo, including the Toning Lotion (left), and the Cleansing Milk which you can find here. My skin routine is usually quite lazy, and I tend to use moisturiser only. 

After using these two products morning and night I have noticed that my skin looks healthier,feels smoother and is much more radiant. The Clarins lady also gave me some samples of the mini moisturiser too, so I'll be buying a full one of those on payday. I managed to snap up both full size cleanser and toner for £17 in the Debenhams sale so there may still be more available. I definitely recommend!

What beauty buys did you get this Christmas?

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