November 16, 2011

Editorial Inspiration

Tatler Editorial Some Enchanted Evening, May 2011 Shot #2

Tatler Editorial Some Enchanted Evening, May 2011 Shot #7

Tatler Editorial Some Enchanted Evening, May 2011 Shot #4

Tatler Editorial Some Enchanted Evening, May 2011 Shot #5
Tatler Editorial Some Enchanted Evening, May 2011 Shot #6
Tatler Magazine,May 2011

I came across this beautiful fashion shoot in Tatler Magazine the other day and was completely inspired.I love how feminine and elegant the models look which makes me wish that women would dress like this everyday.(We could deal with the funny looks,right?)

But until that day I will dream about living in the Grand Palais,Paris,wearing my ball gown.

The end.


November 11, 2011


Hello Christmas! Hello embellishment!

Sparkle your way into the party season with these dazzling sequin shorts by Topshop.

It always makes me smile to see a collection of sequin pieces in my wardrobe and I'm sure these patterned beauties will make my smile beam from ear to ear. 

I have paired the shorts with a red Topshop Sleeveless Shirt and the most glamourous Topshop Lillie Cherry Trim Sandals(new in this week,eeek). 

As the sequins are multi-coloured, the shorts are really versatile and could be miss-matched with casual tee's for a more effortless look. The sleeveless shirt is also a perfect staple for layering with cardigans and chunky jumpers, and well, the shoes deserve the right to be worn EVERY day.

How will you wear sequins this season?


November 09, 2011

Soleil Tan De Chanel-Bronzing Powder

As my first product review I wanted to start with my favourite EVER beauty product-Soleil Tan De Chanel, in shade 62 (Terre Έpice).

My lovely friends kindly bought me this Chanel compact bronzer last year for my 21st birthday and as I have just reached the tender age of 22 and my bronzer is still going, I thought I had better celebrate its greatness.

I have used the product everyday for a year, applying once in the morning (with occasional day time top-ups if I’m feeling extra pale) and once in the evening if I am going out.One application of this product will cover you for the day,it just depends how bronzed you like to be.
The black compact itself is very chic and has the gold Chanel emblem on the top of the case. 

With the added bonus of a mirror inside, the case will double up as a compact mirror when the bronzer has been fully used.

Usually I am really clumsy and drop my bronzers, which then crumble into a million pieces, but this Chanel case has been really hard-wearing (which has been tried and tested as I’ve dropped it numerous times).The lovely black velvet cover is also a good way to protect the bronzer from opening if it is dropped- and it looks swish too.

As I have a pale complexion I try not to go for darker,orangey shades that will stand out against my foundation and skin tone. Paired perfectly with Dior’s Forever foundation (shade 020) I have found that the bronzer adds a light sun-kissed glow.

I like the fact that the colour of the bronzer is not too intense.It has a good balance between a blusher and bronzer.

The colour appears to be dark but when worn it creates a natural sheen to the cheekbones which is suitable all year round. 

In the case the bronzing powder appears to sparkle but this does not spread glitter on your face like some bronzers can often do-it just enhances the skin naturally.

There are five shades ranging from natural (my shade), matte and iridescent which can be found here.

I would definitely give this product a 10/10 as it is a long-lasting, elegant product
and very good value for money.

Although I didn't buy my first, I will be buying many,many more!


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