The sun is shining here in the UK so it's the perfect opportunity to hit the shops and invest in some must have buys on the high-street. After living in Singapore where the shopping can be pretty expensive, I've been drawn to many high-street bargains so I thought I would share the love and show you what I've been buying lately to give you some summer wardrobe inspiration.

First up is this super bright look featuring a Primark button down dress in coral, my favourite colour, teamed with these dreamy Office Rose Gold Sandals and this gorgeous pom pom bag by Jute & Jade. I discovered this brand on Instagram and I'm in love with this round raffia bag. It's hand-painted and the quality is fantastic. It features so many different colours so I'm sure it will go with everything too. The bag is now sold out but there's lots of other similar styles online here.

Now let's just talk about the colour yellow...I'm obsessed! This colour makes me so happy every time I wear it and this F&F Dress from Tesco (can't find a link online, sorry) is super pretty and is only £18, such a steal. It has beautiful frill detailing, buttons all down the front and a tie at the waist that you can wear or take off. Here I've teamed the dress with a suede biker jacket and Rose Gold Metallic Sandals from Office that you can find here.

Culottes are such a good staple throughout the summer, as they are still super cool but a nice alternative if you don't fancy wearing a dress. This pair are from Primark and at just £10, you can't go wrong! I teamed them with a white tee, biker jacket and statement necklace. The block heel sandals are from F&F at Tesco and can be found here, there's other colours available too! They have super cushioned soles so they are perfect for a day on your feet. 

How amazing is this printed jumpsuit from Primark? This was £13 and although the quality isn't brilliant, I can live with that for the price. This would look perfect with heels and statement earrings for evening too!

Last but not least is this fabulous Zara Short Parka with Tassels which you can find here. I'm always investing in statement jackets as they are a great way to finish an outfit and this style is great for casual wear or could be dressed up for evening. It's a khaki military style jacket with cream tassel detailing with tiny golden coins stitched on top and I just love it! I've styled it here with a striped tee, jeans and trainers but it would look great with skinny jeans, heels and a cami underneath too. The fabric of the jacket is pretty thin, but I like that for this kind of weather and I plan on wearing this as a cover up on holiday too.

I hope my recent looks have given you some fashion inspiration for the summer, let's hope the sun keeps on shining! Let me know your thoughts on these looks in the comments below....
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I've been thinking about whether or not to hit 'publish' on this post for a while now and all I keep thinking is, if this posts helps just a few other people who are considering a move far away from home then it's been worth it and I guess that's what having a personal blog is all about.

I want to start by saying that my experiences may differ hugely to your experiences of moving away, but as it's coming up to one year of living in Singapore I wanted to reflect on this time, the positives and the occasional negatives, because let's face it, life isn't perfect and can be full of challenges! 

Here are my positive experiences of moving away so far: 

Personal Growth

When you take on a long distance move (15 hours from home to be precise), you are opening yourself up to a world of change. Starting a new life in an unfamiliar place away from all your safety nets takes a lot of courage, but it's the best way to truly know yourself and learn more about YOU. It sounds silly because you'd think you know everything about yourself, but I have learnt strengths and weaknesses about myself that I really didn't know I had. I've been anxious in certain situations and the happiest I've ever been in others but whilst the risks of moving away may be great, so are the rewards as drastic change can spark new excitement in your life.

Career Opportunities 

Whilst finding a suitable role for me was a challenge to begin with, getting out of the rut you may be in work-wise and discovering new employment opportunities can do a lot for your career and push you out of your comfort zone. I feel I've learnt new skills, explored new networking opportunities and experimented with unlikely job choices which has definitely helped me to develop new skills and experience whilst adding global experience to my portfolio too!

Living Somewhere New

Moving countries has certainly afforded me the opportunity to live in a new place and experience different cultures which has been amazing! The area my fiancé and myself lived in the UK before we moved here really wasn't right for us and a new place to call home has been super refreshing and I've really enjoyed making it homely, with a little help from Ikea!! Our local area, Tiong Bahru, has amazing cafes and brunch spots, yoga places and more importantly so much character so it's refreshing that we can still have fun around our local area, without the need to go anywhere else.

Meeting New People (Not like the little guy below!)

I know this may sound like an obvious one, but it's really important to try and push yourself out there from the minute you move away! I found it difficult to find the right groups of people at first but now I have a lovely group of friends that I see often but it does take a good while to settle in and feel comfortable. The best thing for me was to get involved in various fitness groups including bootcamps, running clubs and yoga and that's been a great way to meet people. On a separate note, also try to use social media to reach out to people you think you might get on with, could be a gamble in some instances but it's likely to pay off! Adam from Foundation Photos SG has been taking some photos for my blog for a few months now and we met via Instagram so you should always reach out to people and see what you may have in common, but I understand that's easier said than done!

Travel, Travel, Travel!

I feel super lucky to have travelled to some unbelievable places since I've been away but it's hard work that's had to pay for each and every trip. But hard work is worth it if you get to visit places you never thought you would have the opportunity to visit in your whole life. Singapore is a great place to live as it's so close to so many must-see places including Bali, Vietnam, Sydney to name a few so I've loved getting out there and I feel very happy to have ticked a few places off my bucket list.

Here are my negatives so far...I hate being negative but got to be realistic!

Distance from Friends and Family

As dramatic as this may sound, a 15 hour distance from friends and family can sometimes be so difficult and although I never thought I would, I've struggled and been homesick from time to time. Social media and Skype is great for keeping in contact with those closest to you but sometimes you just need friends and family to be physically by your side. However, this whole experience has definitely made me appreciate the people around me, those who have continuously made the effort and always been there and I feel stronger as a result too.

Culture Shock and Fitting In 

Finding new friends, finding where the doctors surgery is, where to go for your favourite foods, where to go for essential beauty treatments, basically where to find anything can be a nightmare at times but you just have to persevere. Added to that, you're likely to be using a phone number from a different country, trying to navigate your way around without Google Maps (first world problems) and I've got to say there's always struggles no matter how long you've been away and you've just got to laugh about it all and keep your cool. Getting used to new rules, regulations, and other peoples ways of working is also frustrating at times but if you look at it all as valuable life experience you are winning!

The Stress and Cost of Moving

Moving is stressful, the end. I'm ashamed to say that my parents are still sorting out the stuff we left behind in bedrooms and storage units so if I could do this whole experience again, I would take time to sort everything out at home before moving so it's a more stress free experience. It's not an easy journey home if there are any essentials you've left behind, in my case wardrobes of clothes, but you will get your hands on everything you need if you are desperate. 

Outfit Details: Dress by Cotton On / Shoes by Topshop (Past Season sadly!) / Bag by Lilla Lane / Bracelet by Monica Vinader / Earrings by Isle & Tribe 

If you are thinking of moving away permanently or temporarily, I hope this post hasn't deterred you from doing so! I wish I'd have done a little more research and asked questions about other people's experiences before I moved so hopefully this has been valuable and helped in some way. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments below and I'll get back to you.

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Since I moved to Singapore in April last year with my fiancé pictured above, I promised myself I would review my travels on my blog as a way of remembering all the good times whilst recommending places that deserve truly amazing feedback. Of all the destinations I've been lucky enough to travel to recently, a standout resort I've been to has to be The Danna in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Booked as a last minute break, I wasn't sure what to expect from this stay as I'd never visited Langkawi before and I hadn't seen any reviews for the resort but for a 5-star break at the end of September and for the price we paid, it all seemed very reasonable. At risk of sounding like I'm exaggerating, I can definitely say this stay was incredible from beginning to end. The service, the food, the pool, the delicious afternoon tea, the staff and the facilities were all amazing and the place itself is totally relaxing too. In fact, it was that nice I'm embarrassed to say we didn't actually leave the resort and we felt as though if this had been our honeymoon destination, we would have been leaving as very happy guests!

Here's a snapshot of the hotel and facilities and if you ever get the chance to visit The Danna, you definitely should make it happen! 

The Infinity Pool...we seriously wanted to live here after seeing the pool overlooking the sea!  

The view from the room...

Beautiful double bathroom with gorgeous features...

The spacious double room...

The back of the hotel from the pool...dreamy!

Poolside reading...I'd recommend this book and the ice cream ;)

When room service arrived, the lovely staff set up a table as if we were in the restaurant downstairs...such amazing service! It was me who happened to have the burger and it was SO good.

The morning light and peaceful corridors...

The breakfast buffet each morning was spectacular and there are so many options to choose from, it's safe to say we ate pastries everyday, but it's hard to resist right?

Looking out to sea...the beach was just beyond the hotel so you have the option to dine there too or laze around in a hammock if you wish!

The dreamy afternoon tea even managed to impress the fiancé who isn't usually a fan of afternoon tea due to the small portions, but he loved it!

Chasing the beautiful sunsets...

Looking burnt to a crisp but enjoying myself in a hammock...

Another view from the room, how beautiful are all those colours?

The hotel also had lots of quiet places to relax and I would definitely recommend going in September time as I imagine the resort gets hectic at peak times of the year...

It's also worth noting that the resort is definitely family friendly although we went as a couple. Thers also full spa facilities, entertainment and amazing restaurants serving up different cuisines so there's lots to keep everyone busy. 
Thank you to the amazing staff at The Danna for such an incredible stay, it was perfect from the moment we arrived and we hope to visit again soon! It's also worth mentioning that this post is in no way sponsored, we simply had a great time, paid for everything and would do so again too! 
Let me know if you've enjoyed this post as I may do more travel posts if they are of interest! 

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It’s been a while since I’ve used a beauty product and felt really excited it, but that’s recently changed. When Trinny Woodall announced that she would be launching a new beauty brand called Trinny London, I knew I had to keep my eyes peeled on the launch and The Stack concept is just genius. Here it is....

If you're yet to hear about The Stack, it's a clever clickable stack of makeup and skincare products that are completely matched to your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone, so you only invest in products that work best for you and your individual colourings, so there's less of a risk that it won't be right for you once you give it a try at home. 

Once I'd entered in all my details in the Match2Me section, the Trinny London website suggested I should try the following products...

- Golden Glow in Jensta
- Just A Touch in Zandy
- Lip2Cheek in Freddie
- Eye2Eye in Fortune 

When The Stack arrives, it’s beautifully packaged and each of the pots arrives individually wrapped and you can then click them together so essentially The Stack is your new makeup bag. If you’re always on-the-go and don't want to carry a full makeup bag, this is the ideal solution.

The Match2Me process is all done through the website and Trinny and her team have created plenty of video content, showing many different women trying out the products, so you know how they look on and what to expect before you buy. I found this process really simple and after entering information on my eye colour, hair colour and skin tone, the website will recommend products including base makeup, blusher, bronzer, contouring products, lipsticks, eyeshadows…the list is endless! 

I really liked all the options and choices given to me which is an issue for the bank balance, but it's a really fun way to try out some colours and products you’ve never experimented with before. 

I’m forever doing my makeup in the car, or a quick touch up here and there so this cream based, blendable product is amazing as it’s fuss-free and doesn’t require loads of brushes. If you prefer to use brushes you still can, I suppose it's much easier without. 

I’m absolutely delighted with the products I’ve chosen so far and I’m sure I’ll be adding to my stack very soon. I particularly love the Zandy Just a Touch Foundation/Concealer as it’s super easy to apply and is really good coverage, the bronzer gives my skin a really nice glow, the eyeshadow has a deep metallic finish which is great for day or night and the lip2cheek is a great multi-use product with a matte finish, giving a pop of colour in an instant if my skin is feeling a little dull. 

I’m only disappointed I didn’t purchase the BFF Cream which is moisturising, has sun protection and gives an overall glow so that’s the next product on my list! 

I always like to balance out my reviews with any negatives but I honestly can’t fault the products or service at all. I ordered to Singapore and even the delivery was great, everything arrived within 2-3 days so you can't get better than that. 

Have you tried the Trinny London range yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below...

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