It’s been a while since I’ve used a beauty product and felt really excited it, but that’s recently changed. When Trinny Woodall announced that she would be launching a new beauty brand called Trinny London, I knew I had to keep my eyes peeled on the launch and The Stack concept is just genius. Here it is....

If you're yet to hear about The Stack, it's a clever clickable stack of makeup and skincare products that are completely matched to your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone, so you only invest in products that work best for you and your individual colourings, so there's less of a risk that it won't be right for you once you give it a try at home. 

Once I'd entered in all my details in the Match2Me section, the Trinny London website suggested I should try the following products...

- Golden Glow in Jensta
- Just A Touch in Zandy
- Lip2Cheek in Freddie
- Eye2Eye in Fortune 

When The Stack arrives, it’s beautifully packaged and each of the pots arrives individually wrapped and you can then click them together so essentially The Stack is your new makeup bag. If you’re always on-the-go and don't want to carry a full makeup bag, this is the ideal solution.

The Match2Me process is all done through the website and Trinny and her team have created plenty of video content, showing many different women trying out the products, so you know how they look on and what to expect before you buy. I found this process really simple and after entering information on my eye colour, hair colour and skin tone, the website will recommend products including base makeup, blusher, bronzer, contouring products, lipsticks, eyeshadows…the list is endless! 

I really liked all the options and choices given to me which is an issue for the bank balance, but it's a really fun way to try out some colours and products you’ve never experimented with before. 

I’m forever doing my makeup in the car, or a quick touch up here and there so this cream based, blendable product is amazing as it’s fuss-free and doesn’t require loads of brushes. If you prefer to use brushes you still can, I suppose it's much easier without. 

I’m absolutely delighted with the products I’ve chosen so far and I’m sure I’ll be adding to my stack very soon. I particularly love the Zandy Just a Touch Foundation/Concealer as it’s super easy to apply and is really good coverage, the bronzer gives my skin a really nice glow, the eyeshadow has a deep metallic finish which is great for day or night and the lip2cheek is a great multi-use product with a matte finish, giving a pop of colour in an instant if my skin is feeling a little dull. 

I’m only disappointed I didn’t purchase the BFF Cream which is moisturising, has sun protection and gives an overall glow so that’s the next product on my list! 

I always like to balance out my reviews with any negatives but I honestly can’t fault the products or service at all. I ordered to Singapore and even the delivery was great, everything arrived within 2-3 days so you can't get better than that. 

Have you tried the Trinny London range yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below...

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When you aren't quite feeling on top form and you fear you're losing your mojo for whatever reason, it's always good to remind yourself of the things that make you happy and beam from ear to ear! 

On a personal note, moving from the UK to Singapore which is 15 hours away has really tested my happiness levels as of late, but now things have become easier it's good to recognise those things that never fail to make me smile! So here's a few things that make me happy...can you relate to them?

1. Flowers! 

You may wonder why this post is scattered with images of a bold and beautiful bouquet of happiness-inducing sunflowers! That is because the wonderful team at A Better Florist very kindly sent me The Ayla Bouquet which you can find here and they certainly perked me up the day I received them! 

Sunflowers have got to be the happiest flowers out there and when they we're delivered with a cute striped ribbon, a gift card which said 'you just got bloomed' and a shabby chic canvas bag, I felt very spoilt indeed! Buying flowers on a regular basis is something I've done for a while now as it really has that homely feel-good factor so I'll definitely be ordering from A Better Florist again soon, whether I'm treating a friend or myself!

2. Exercise 

When I initially moved over to Singapore I was working for a fitness company, so that was a great distraction from feeling homesick from time to time and enabled me to keep fit and healthy! I'm one of those (annoying) people that finds my energy from nowhere and I've always loved working out, although it takes some forcing to workout when it's so humid here! I've got back into my running recently which I'm loving again and I've also started Hot Yoga, so I definitely think shaking up my exercise regime has helped to put a spring in my step and made me a happier person to be around!

3. Meeting New People 

As daunting as it may sometimes seem, I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know people from different countries, working in different industries as well as people of different age groups. Moving away is always going to knock your confidence as you can no longer see your best friends as you would on a regular basis, but it's a happy feeling when you make time to have a coffee with someone or spark up some conversation and find you really connect with someone. I'm definitely guilty of it, but I hate spending so much time on my laptop and phone so it's nice to make the time and effort to speak to people face-to-face! 

4. Seeing more of the world 

I've been lucky enough to do a little more travelling recently and that I am truly happy about and grateful for too! It's easy to commit yourself to work, work, work all the time but if you can find the time, it's healthy to have a change of scenery and do some exploring. I generally think having a break every once in a while (if possible) allows me to reset and helps to make me a happier person to be around, which is a blessing for my nearest and dearest! My fiancé and I have also spent some quality time together, ticking a few things off our bucket list but there's many more adventures to be had yet!

5. Health 

When I think about what I'm most happy about, health is always something I take for granted and forget. You can read some truly awful things sometimes or hear some bad news from a friend and it really is worth remembering that life is short, so you should always choose happiness in all that you do! Sometimes my head will rule over what my heart is really telling me to do but the biggest life lesson I've learned recently (sorry to sound preachy!), is that you can worry a million times over but happiness will always rule and things always figure themselves out in the end! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and let me know if you can relate to any of the things that make me happy? 
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I'll start by saying how much I love these photos taken by Foundation Photos. The plants, trees and flowers in my local area are just insanely pretty and I'm always finding colourful new spots for shooting which I'm very much enjoying at the moment. 

This outfit was very much thrown together and this amazing skirt by Boohoo on Asos was an impulse buy but sometimes those kind of outfits are the best. It has a super high waist which is elasticated and huge Spanish ruffles! Sometimes you need a pick-me-up outfit to boost your confidence and this is the perfect look for me. A simple top, statement skirt and a powerful lip which is the shade Orange by Bobbi Brown - probably one of the lipsticks I wear the most. 

I've teamed this skirt with a simple black top and tasseled earrings from Asos but it could be dressed down a lot more with converse, a fedora hat and a plain white tee knotted at the waist. 

If you're obsessed with tassel earrings like me and they are your go-to summer accessory right now, make sure you take a look at my new online boutique over on Depop, where I'm selling a selection of bohemian-inspired jewellery by Australian brand Isle & Tribe. There's some beautiful necklaces and earrings galore which will instantly add an edge to your summer looks and they're an essential for festivals and holidays too. You can follow my online shop here.

Skirt - Boohoo at Asos / Top - F&F Clothing (Past Season) / Earrings - Asos / Sandals - River Island 

I'd love to know your thoughts on this señorita-esque skirt so let me know your thoughts below!
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Before I moved to Singapore I promised myself I would write all about my travel experiences but to tell you the truth, I've been having such a good time and working like a trooper which has meant limited time for blogging!

However, I was lucky enough to have a few days off recently so myself and the fiancé treated ourselves to a spa day in Batam, Indonesia, and it was so nice and relaxing. If you're ever in Singapore, hopefully you'll get chance to visit this spa resort as it's an amazing place!

Tempat Senang Spa Resort was recommended to us and we had such a good day there. Batam in Indonesia is only 45 minutes away by Ferry so if you're based in Singapore it's super easy to get to and the ferry only cost around $50 each. The spa day itself consisted of six treatments and lunch (yes you heard that right, six treatments!) for $189 and it was absolute bliss.

Here's a no makeup selfie (of me anyway) before we went on our merry way....

The resort itself is a short car ride from the ferry port in Batam but as the package includes a transfer to and from the ferry it's absolutely no hassle at all. Once we arrived in Batam, we were whisked off with a few people also heading to the spa and the day started with a lovely cup of tea and an explanation of all the treatments you could choose from. 

I went for the following treatments: 
  • Foot Reflexology
This was absolute heaven and both me and Ruairidh fell asleep and felt like we'd been napping for hours - so relaxing!
  • Green Tea & Silk Bio Cellulose Mask (Hydrating/Stressed Skin)
Facials are usually a tricky one for me as I have quite oily skin so I always worry about the products used but my skin felt lovely and looked so fresh the next day!
  • Cleopatra Hair & Scalp Mask (Collagen/Strengthening)
In Singapore, there seems to be something in the water which makes hair fall out easier than it does in the UK (strange I know) and this mask seemed to really help that, my hair felt much thicker and stronger after this treatment.
  • Coconut Body Scrub (Adds moisture to dry skin)
This was lovely and my whole body felt super smooth, but perhaps next time I would go for a more gentle exfoliating scrub for sensitive skin as this was a little too harsh for my skin. It did smell amazing though and I love Bounty chocolate way too much to let a coconut scrub pass me by!
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (This is a relaxing, flowing massage using the forearms in a wave-like motion to soothe large surface areas of muscles - Excellent for those who prefer a gentle massage.)
Amazing! The end. 
  • Aromatherapy (Full body massage)
Again amazing, I could not fault either massage. Although I'm not sure I'd have my stomach massaged again as it releases all the toxins out of your body and made me need a wee constantly which is a good and a bad thing - sorry for the detail but this is an honest review!

The package also includes a lovely Indonesian lunch too and I'll be honest, after a chocolate brownie dessert and all that massage, we we're very sleepy and relaxed by the time we got home!

The view from the ferry on the way back to Singapore!
The spa setting itself was so beautiful and peaceful...
The boy looking all relaxed...
Feeling refreshed and makeup free on the way back...
I could not recommend this spa experience highly enough! If you're planning a holiday to Singapore or you're looking for somewhere to take visitors or friends, Tempat Senang Spa Resort is well worth a stopover and you'll even get to see some amazing views along the way! 

If you can recommend any other spa resorts in Asia that I need to try, pop them in the comments below!
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